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Sunday, June 14, 2009

One week old Fat Boy Neil

We had a nice time at West Wittering beach yesterday. It was Zaz and Itzy's first time at the beach. They are so much fun to take places and I just love them. I was so impressed that they stayed for this photo; I guess my training is starting to work! They are alternatively known as the "Dynamic Duo" or "Dastardly Duo" depending on how well-behaved they are. Luckily they were pretty dynamic at the beach!

Agility has taken a back seat for awhile for many reasons. I just cannot get my competitive head back right now. I am enjoying working with Zen and training her to get ready for the European Open but I am not enjoying the actual agility shows . So I have stopped entering shows for August and instead Dennis and I are going to take a week off and go up to Scotland. After much time on the internet I finally found a nice self-catering cottage that takes dogs and was NOT booked! I think everyone and his family have booked holiday cottages in August. Next year I must think of booking earlier as I found some fabulous places that took unlimited dogs but were booked already. I hope the place I found is nice; it looks good. It is really remote and seems to be in an area with loads of good walks and lots to do. We will take Zen and the dynamic-duo pups leaving Jordan and Pax home with the pet-sitter. Pax and Jordan love to walk but get tired earlier and I think they will be happiest at home.

Neil continues to grow and at 1 week old is now 1 pound! He has the biggest belly and when he lies stretch out he looks like a big blob. The other two singleton puppies I have had were the same way; they seem to gain huge amounts in their bellies.

Here are the two sides of Neil. Luna's breeder was worried that Neil would be too white factored! haha We think Neil is "black-factored"! He has so little white on him but he is cute anyway!

Zen was just dying to see Neil. I put Luna out and gave Zen a chance to check him out. She immediately jumped in the box and cleaned him but then realized that he may want to nurse and skedaddled out pretty quickly.


Mary-Anne said...

That sure is one fat, happy little boy! But wait til he opens his eyes and sees all that PINK - can't you find a few blue toys for him :)?

Cute picture of the girls - Itzy doesn't look all that "itsy" anymore!

Jo said...

Beautiful pup, and wow he has really got a big boy in just a week.

Christine said...

The girls look so cute and cheeky, a real 'hey, you looking at us' picture.