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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fat Boy Neil 3 weeks

There is really not much to blog about Neil right now! He is growing and being as cute as a button and not much trouble at all. Three weeks old and 1 lb 12 ounces; but most of it is his beer belly! In comparison to my other singleton litters: He is not as fat as the original Fat Boy "Todd" but heavier than his daddy "One". Comparisons at this age are not really very helpful although many people are desperate to figure out heights at this age already! I will already have people asking me if he is going to be small or medium! hahaha

I have him up on the balance disc to try and work on his core abdominal muscles and lose some weight! (really just kidding in case someone thinks I am serious!)

He is making excursions into the kitchen and just started walking around a little. I find singletons are definitely behind in the movement area probably because they don't have to fight for their food. Here he is looking for his mum on the other side of the baby gate right before he got his head stuck between the bars and scared me half to death. Yikes!

The puppy pen has changed again. Now the panels are around the box and the box cut down so that Neil can move out of the box and see more action. I am really liking the adaptability of the old "cardboard box" instead of a fancy whelping box. Ahh the simple things!

A sunny day and Neil goes outside for the first time. He still looks so lonely in his pen.

The two men in the house have got to stick together.


Dawn said...

Neil is adorable of course. It IS sad that he's an only, cause he just doesn't have anyone his own age to play with!

Christy said...

WOW, Neil really is adorable. I love reading about your puppy's adventures. Thanks for sharing.

Lian said...

Neil is a little sweetheart!