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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Luna Landing

Here is Luna in photos taken last week. She has fit in so well here and is a joy to have around.

I was so lucky to get the opportunity to bring Luna over from the USA. She is such a gorgeous little girl with a fabulous temperament. We bred Luna to "One" and had high hopes for a beautiful girl to carry on with.

Well things do not always go to plan with breedings! Last night after a difficult delivery Luna presented me with a singleton BOY puppy. Not quite what we asked for but I am grateful that mum and pup seem to be doing well. We were actually 5 minutes from a c-section; the vet had gone into the operation room to get it set up. The pup had been stuck in the canal for longer than I was happy with and we were worried about any other puppies behind it. I have to honestly say I thought the puppy in the canal was dead by then.

The vet tried for about 10-15 minutes to pull the puppy out but he was not budging. We decided to go for the c-section and the vet left the room and said it would take him 10 minutes to set up the operation room. We put Luna on the floor to walk around and I asked Luna to please please please push again. Five minutes later she started with strong contractions and we could see the pups feet hanging out. The vet came back in and after a few minutes and lots of lubricant was able to pull the pup out. Imagine my relief when the puppy immediately began squirming and moving around!

The vet then scanned Luna and, at first, thought there was a second pup. Then after a few more minutes of looking decided that there were no more pups unless the pup was under the ribcage. So we decided to take Luna in for an x-ray to be 100% sure and unfortunately there were no more.

This is my third singleton litter! I may become the singleton puppy expert which is not what I wanted to be! What I do know is that whoever gets this puppy better be ready for a strong personality as most of my singletons are VERY strong characters!

We had a lovely LARGE whelping box ready. I think the little one would have been lost in there.

A cardboard whelping box has it's advantages. A few modifications and now it is the right size for Luna and pup.

I have a great name for this pup but will keep you in suspense for a week or so until I know he is healthy and gaining weight.

I am so happy to have Itz and Zaz as they will be great socialization for a singleton pup. They were bored yesterday as I had no time for them.


Macfarlane Dogs said...

I'm so glad that the pup was delivered safely in the end and that Luna and the pup are both doing ok :)

But very disappointed for you that you didn't get the girl you longed for :(

Breeding is faaaarrrrr too stressful a business - I just don't know how you do it!!

Mary-Anne said...

Glad mother and son are OK - he's precious! Can't believe you have ANOTHER singleton though (Jayda says "not that there's anything WRONG with that ...")

I think you should call him Two (One plus 1.)

Angela said...

....Bet Itz doesn't look so tiny now? Have fun with Luna and her son

Anonymous said...

Hello !

Happy to hear that Luna and her puppy are well!

Health and Luck to Luna and her little sweet boy !!!

greetings !


Karen said...

OMG he is gorgeous, well done Luna clever girl :-) love Karen and Todd ( single and proud of it lol ) , Yazoo and the rest of the gang xxxx

Christine said...

Congratulations on Luna and the handsome little man x

Diana said...

Im so happy everything is ok. I dont know how breeders do it. How nerve racking. OOOOH my favorite, bi-black boy. ( at least thats what it looks like). Diana

Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

Wow - like looking in a mirror.... good luck with the pup.

Hooch n Troops said...

Congratulations Luna...singletons rock! look at Toddie!!

Guess who is going to get all the milk at feeding times! lol

Love the colour of Luna by the way..