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Monday, June 08, 2009

Big Fat Tick

Sometimes I just cannot find the puppy!

Day three and mum and pup continue to do well. Life is good! People have been asking me if I am upset that I didn't get my girl. How can I be upset when I have a healthy puppy and a healthy mom? He is such a little gem. It could have gone so wrong but we were lucky and I am so happy with the little boy. I am disappointed that I do not have a puppy for myself but I do have two little girls to keep me happy for a long time. My only disappointment is that I will not get another chance to have a puppy from Luna as she is everything I was looking for in a bitch to breed with. Luna will eventually have to return home to the good ole USA.

Maybe things work out for a reason and I can now spend this year concentrating on Zaz and Itzy. They are a blast to train.

Luna's puppy is a big fat tick already! Luna is being a very attentive mother so little "Neil" (can't get used to that name) is getting larger and larger in his belly area! Luna is so black that I often lose sight of Neil but now that he is getting fatter and fatter it will be more difficult for him to hide.

Oh My God..the names you guys have come up with are so funny. I am a bit DOH! as it took me 1/2 a day to figure out "OBay One Kenobi". HAHAHA I kept thinking why is "One Kenobi" funny? And then I said the entire name including my kennel name and realized why it was so funny! OBAY ONE KENOBI is the funniest name I have heard in a long time.


Ann Marie said...

If you had only "used the force" Bernadette, you would have figured it out. Obay One Kenobi gets my vote!

Ann Marie said...

And another thing...

Obi Wan Kenobi's first name was "Ben". Hmmmm, let's see, three letters and MUCH nicer than Neil! :-)

Johanna said...

Hej, Gilligian is a good call name too :o)

Eleanor said...

I am with Ann Marie: I vote for OBay One Kenobi. Ok, it may reveal my age or the fact I just went to see the new Star Trek movie twice (I love Star Wars and Star Trek) but I "got it" right away. And "Ben" is a great call name!

Someone out there is clever, coming up with that name!


Lorna said...

Hiya - congrats on the puppy - I like "One Small Step" or "One Giant Leap"

Lorna x

Christine said...

That is clever :-) and be called Force or Obi or Sky, Luke, Hans, Chewy, Star - the list is endless