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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fat Boy Neil at 2 weeks old

Fat Boy Neil is now 2 weeks old. I have almost been feeling guilty as this has certainly been an easy litter to care for so far! Now that his eyes are open and his ears are almost open I can feel needed again.

We have changed the whelping box slightly to start adding more fun things. The baby mobile over head to stimulate him to look up and get used to things over his head. The Radio/CD Player next to the box to start adding extra noise. More toys to climb over...well not really climb as he is not even waddling yet! I know from experience that he will be on his feet later than if he had litter mates and less food!

I laugh whenever I see photos of the cardboard whelping box. It is such a great idea for cleanliness reasons as it is disposable; but all I can think of are homeless people on the NYC streets!

We pick Neil up all the time and just hold him but now I have started to add a litle yogurt for him to lick while we are holding him. This is just to associate good things with being held. I carry him into different rooms and put him on a fleece on the floor to just look around. Nothing too exciting yet as he is barely awake most of the time. ha!

Luna continues to be a great mother. She is very protective of him and when strangers come to visit she gives them a very stern look! I can see her mind is conflicted as she normally loves everyone but is worried about her baby. She certainly does NOT tolerate the other dogs around HER baby and Zaz and Itzy have learned not to mess with "mother nature"!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

The last photo is adorable!!!!

Christy said...

He is fantastic!