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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Fat Boy Part Deux and what to name him?

Well another singleton and thus another FAT BOY! You can see that Luna's boy is already enjoying the benefits of being an only child and is expanding rapidly. His favorite position is draped over one of Luna's legs.

He is a tri-colour and not a bi-black. He is very cute and has one dark leg like Itzy and very little white on him. When he is cuddled up against Luna's black coat it can be difficult to see him at all!

I had loads of names ready for all the pups I expected Luna to have. We have switched gears and now have two possible registered names picked out for him. Tell me what you think?

I like my singleton pups to have something in their names that indicate that they were an only puppy. Daddy "One" is named "OBay Singular Sensation" and cousin "Todd" is named "OBay One Helluva Charmer".

But considering Luna's name is "Toven Blame It On The Moon" we decided to incorporate a moon-theme based on the First man to walk on the moon. we have come up with:

OBay One Small Step (based on Neil Armstrong's famous words as he stepped onto the moon)

The alternative which covers the Moon-theme but not the singleton theme is:

OBay The Eagle Has Landed (based on Armstrong's words when the landing craft "the eagle" landed safely on the moon)

My gut feeling is that I will decide as he develops. If he is a little guy; he will be One Small Step and if he is gorgeous handsome larger boy he will be "The Eagle Has Landed".

As for call names; that will be up to the new owner but for now Dennis has named him "Neil" after Neil Armstrong!


Sara said...

Your names had me giggling. They're both great!

Lian said...

He is ONE gorgeous boy! I like the name The Eagle has landed!!

Diana said...

I like the Eagle has landed. Diana

janette.t.smith26 said...

what about Obay One-Kenobi slight change to the star wars character Obi-Wan Kenobi

Cool Design Shelties said...

I like the name One Small Step the best to this little but well feed singleton :o)


Dave said...

Cute! I like One Small Step. How about One Giant Leap if he's a big guy!

Johanna said...

Our vote is on One Small Step... but I really like the Obay One-Kenobi name aswell :o)

Dawn said...

Adorable. Bet he has enough energy for a whole litter pent up inside him!

Marie said...

Bless him, he's lovely. How about Obay Lunar One, so incorporating both parents names?

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Fat boy is too cute resting on his mom's leg! I was just relieved to know his name was not fat boy! :)

Eleanor said...

The phrase continued with "One giant leap..." So, I suppose, if he turns into a huge Sheltie, you could give him that name. :-) Ha!
Another idea would be to "tweak" the eagle name to "One Eagle has landed."

Oh well, I get carried away!

Price sends his regards. He, of course, thought one was the perfect number!

Anonymous said...

'One Small Step' is the name that I immediately thought of when I saw your original post announcing his birth so it must be the right one! :)

And it doesn't really matter if he's a big boy as shelties are all small in the great scheme of things!

Hope everything goes well with him.

Karen and Star

Mary-Anne said...

"Obay One-Kenobi"? Hahahaha!!

Obay Lunar Module ("LEM"). Or you could do the Frank Zappa thing and call him ... Obay Moon Unit!

Karen said...

love the one small step and also the Obi one kenobi, single pups are very special and precious, and not at all spoilt lol lol Welcome Neil, love karen the original Fat Boy, Yazoo and the rest of our gang xx

Macfarlane Dogs said...

Both fab names!! But I have to say that I think 'Obay One Kenobi' is just brilliant!!

Oh how I wish I could think up names like that! :)

Dawn said...

He's adorable. Congratulations on the cute, fat boy.

Dawn and Whisper