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Monday, August 20, 2007

Kennel Club International Festival 2007

I cannot believe I just spend 11 days in a row in the caravan at agility shows! And including the finals days; I just did 9 straight days of agility! I think I am agilitied-out (if that is a word!). I am looking forward to less competing and more training!

We started out on Thursday heading off to the KC International Festival in Peterborough. We had loads of runs each day; I think one day each dog had around 7 runs! I had to skip a few runs just to keep sane. We got a lovely camping spot thanks to Andy and Nancy who saved us a spot and to Dennis who I convinced needed to help out on the rings on Friday. He did well and worked on the ring all day. If you help at the show you get a better camping pitch and that really makes a difference when you have 14 runs in one day! Even funnier was Johanna who realized that she had 8 (yes EIGHT) courses to walk at the same time at 8 am on Saturday!

Lisa and Johanna camped together; each with their own teensey tiny tent. We put them behind us as posh caravan people should not be expected to look out at tents while drinking their Pimms....
Here is our set-up.

And here is the tent city AKA Crazy Danish Camping Pitch. Johanna was very patriotic and had her Danish Flag flying all weekend.

We had a good time at this show. The weather cooperated and the OBay team was very successful! I lost count of how many times we had an "OBay Sheltie sweep" (as Lisa likes to call it). There were quite a few classes where Indy and Hex were first and second and vice-versa in the small class. And there were a few classes were Zen and Chi were first and second and vice-versa in the medium! Now when that happens I win either way!

So much happened at this show that I cannot even remember it all! Here are some highlights and I will go over videos to post in the next few days.

  • Little 9 year old Daniel won so many classes at this show! He qualified for Crufts in quite a few events including the Young Kennel club and the International Junior Handler class. But the best was when he WON the Small Starters Final against all the adults!

  • Lisa and Chi and me and Zen qualified for Olympia 2007! We were the only two non-border collies to qualify! It was a tough one as the course was very open and fast and it was hard to match the times of the collies. Well..maybe there was another 1/2 non border collie as Rosie's Disney is only half collie and half poodle! Ha!

  • Johanna qualified for Crufts with all three dogs! Spooky, Tazz and One are going to Crufts 2008!

Phew and that was only the first weekend! I have got loads of laundry to do and a caravan to clean so will post more later.


Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Well done to all the Obays! You must be a very proud breeder :)

Lian said...

Great runs and achievements from the OBays!! Well done!!

Andy & Nancy said...

Well done the OBays.

I think it's absolutely right that tents are in the back row. We need to maintain standards you know!

Only joking girls! One of the funniest sights for us was looking out of our caravan window one morning to see Lisa emerge from her little igloo followed by one dog, then another, then another and then another! It must be a TARDIS!

Karen said...

Yet more brilliant Obay results was a great show to sit and watch everyone too

Lorna said...

What a Fab time you had - so many excellent Finals runs and class results too!

And to breed a new Ag Ch as well!

Lorna x

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

And who were the ones who didn't feel the cold AT ALL? Us Tardis Tent Tenants! OMG! NNN & TTT