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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Nine dogs in the house

Random thoughts about dogs and stuff:

  • I don't want a big dog anymore. Especially a BIG Boy dog as BIG boy dogs can pee on little dogs.
  • Border collies shed more than shelties
  • Border collies take up more room than shelties
  • Boy dog pee stinks more than girl dog pee
  • I really really love shelties
  • I want One back as he is gorgeous but unfortunately he is a boy and his pee stinks!
  • Hex is a witch and evil
  • Dennis is an angel to put up with nine dogs in the house!
  • Crazy Danes should not drive in English roundabouts with learner drivers in the front seat


Sarah and Leslie said...

Ha ha! I have to say tho my very nice QUEIT neighbours don't care about any of these things cause they only affect me. I'm not sure they'd feel that same about the sheltie BARKING!

Karen said...

you could have One back and I could buy you a peg :0))))))))))

Lian said...

I really really love shelties too! But Spooky and Ticket are both very handsome and pretty though! With your big house and big garden, you can fit in another 9 dogs easily!! Have fun!

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Spookie can come piss in our garden any day he likes :) It already stinks of Cheeky P. OMG! can you imagine the P'ing competition my lot would have!!!!!