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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dogs In Need Agility Show 2007

I just loved this photo as Hex is so good to stay in the weaves no matter what way I run! Bless her!

We went straight from the KC International Festival down to Dogs In Need in Suffolk. DIN is a nice show but huge with 12 rings and 800 caravans and tents. It is a huge well organized machine and amazing how easily 800 caravans can be driven in and set up in one day.

Dennis set up the caravan for me while Johanna and I went shopping for provisions. We came back to the caravan and garden all set up to maximize the shade for the dogs......if only we knew then that there would be NO sun all week! Then Dennis took the three good sable girls and drove back home for a week of work leaving me with only Zen and Hex. I stayed at Dogs in Need with Johanna. Johanna only stayed for three days and then she headed back for the long trip to Denmark on Wednesday night. Johanna got to try out the caravan front bed that has to be put together from the front dinette. It was surprisingly big and even Johanna admitted that it was more comfortable than being in a TENT on a blow up bed!

We had a very successful Dogs in Need! On Tuesday was the medium and large Championship classes. Well Zen did it again and won another champ ticket! I certainly have not set out to collect champ tickets; I actually pulled her out of alot of champ shows after Zen finished her Championship last year. But this year I showed her in 5 Champ classes and she won 3 of them! That makes 6 championship tickets for Zen to date. Not too shabby. I think she can do it with her eyes closed........hehe

On Friday was the Small Championship Class. This was Hex's second Champ class and she really showed well and qualified for the final. The first dog to run in the final was a fast little Border collie x JRT called Scout. Wow! After seeing Scout run I thought there was NO way that either Hex or Indy could beat him as his run was textbook good. But I should never doubt my shelties! After Hex got faulted (but ran lovely AND Fast) up stepped Nicky and Indy in pole position. Indy did not put a little foot wrong and went on to win the Final! That was his third ticket and he is now the 4th Agility Champion OBay sheltie! Woo-hoo!

Here is the newly minted AGILITY CHAMPION OBay Truly Driven and his happy handler.

Could the week get any better? Well I could have won some money at Bingo....NOT. But instead Zen squeaked into the Medium 6-7 Finals on Sunday and went onto to win! She spoils me. The finals were fun to watch as alot of friends made it into the finals. It is nice to be able to sit around the ring and watch. Everyone did well especially Nancy and Nice Niahm who came third in a very competitive large Novice Final. Here is Nancy trying to figure out what to do with her trophy. Just put Pimms in it Nancy!

Now she is happy!

Here is me and Zen with our prizes. A lovely whiskey decanter and glass for all the whiskey I drink. Can I put pimms in it?

And finally here is Zen with a fuzzy pink feather boa. Why? Just because I can!


Andy & Nancy said...

Well done the Obays. Kizzy (and Andy)watch and learn!

I think you could be right you know, in what you said today. It looks as if I was trying to read what was written on the trophy but I couldn't quite see! Oh dear. Where are my glasses. No, no I will not admit to that .......

Johanna said...

Zen looks gorgeous :o) She would be proud of her dad Monty who had a full grooming today and looks like a million $$$$ !!!!

Lian said...

The picture of Hex weaving was absolutely stunning!

I like the Jumping Zen too!!

Congrats to
Zen for yet another ticket; and
Indy, another OBay Agility Champion!

MACh2 Presto, a sable OBay said...

Yeah, Ag Ch Indy!!! Go, sable Shelties! We have show those tri's what we can do. :-)

Congratulations on the 4th OBay agility champion.