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Monday, August 06, 2007

Welcome Johanna and Happy Birthday Lisa

Johanna came in on Thursday night pretty late. So we have had a busy few days and not much time to get on the computer. It is nice to have Johanna here but please remind me never to have 9 dogs! I will stick with 5 for awhile! My girls are doing OK with the extra visitors but Hex gets cranky if they don't behave as she thinks they should.

It is hard to believe that One (OBay Singular Sensation) is so grown up! One is a full brother (from an earlier litter) to Hex and Indy. Here he is in a photo taken yesterday by Dennis with his new sooper dooper lens.

Saturday was the Aylesbury Show and Lisa, Johanna and I went together. It is a nice show and the weather was sunny and warm. We fit 7 dogs in Johanna's Pup-mobile and off we went. Johanna had some really good "almost" runs with One and had a really good Grade 6,7 Agilty Run with Spooky until the last bar went down. Arghhh! Zen and Hex had some good runs and I enjoyed running them on the 6,7 agility course put up by Dennis MacCauley. Zen won the medium and Hex won the small!

Sunday was Lisa's birthday so we had a BBQ here and Marion and Tim and Sue and Barry joined in the fun. At one point Sue had one of her dogs out and Lisa had one of her dogs out...so we had 11 dogs at the house. Dennis was not impressed; I can't understand why?

Anyway, I won't be blogging much over the next two weeks as we are off to the KC International Festival on Thursday and then straight to Dogs In Need Agility show for one week. It will be interesting to see if I can last for that many days in the caravan and that many days running agility. Hmmmm.....

Tony, being the romantic husband that he is, gave Lisa a new tent for her birthday. (note to Dennis..I prefer BLING or agility equipment for my pressies) So we had to get a photo of the new tent. How cute is this?


Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

It was a gr8 b'day party thanks guys :)
Can't wait to try out my new tent at KC int. show. Very cute pic.

Andy & Nancy said...

Really looking forward to meeting Johanna and her dogs! Sounds like you had fun on Lisa's birthday. Love the photo of the tent with Lisa and the dogs.

Lian said...

One looks so handsome in that photo, he looks so very much like True. Like the group photo, Chi seems missing in that group?

Karen said...

Cant wait to meet Johanna and her tribe especially One ! love the tent !! see you at the KC kx