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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bank Holiday weekend

The perfect bank holiday weekend! Sunny yet cool! I heard it was pretty hot and humid back in New York; sorry I am not there! hahaha

Two days of agility (Friday and Sunday) and two days of long pub walks with the dogs. Perfect!

Friday was Shuttleworth which involved a long drive up for one day. But I think it was worse for my pairs partner who had to get up at 3 am to get to the show! So I won't whinge too much at having to get up at 5:30am. Basically I went just to see if we could get another placing in Mini/Mixi pairs. And we did! I am not sure what we placed as I left to get home before the prize givings but hopefully it was good enough to give us enough points to go thru to Crufts in the pairs. I like partnering with Dave as he is so mellow; Like when I partner with Lisa I feel no pressure other than my own! Hex had a good Eukaneuba Challenge run and, again, hopefully we are thru to Crufts for that also. I did not push any of her runs this weekend and was glad about that. This weekend was my time to work with Hex on her contacts again making sure that she doesn't think running contacts are all the rage. She was a good girl on both days; running down fast, stopping really solid and holding her position. Yeah!

On Saturday Dennis and I picked a walk from a book and took Hex and Hob-b (the evil and the good) on the walk. It is so interesting to take different combinations of dogs out as they act differently than when they are all together. Hex and Hob-b together are pretty mellow and there is no barking (really NO barking!). We walked fairly local starting off at a Pub called The Fountain hoping to get back in time for lunch. The walk was only 3 miles but went along a river, thru some cow herds and past a gorgeous house (that dennis would buy for me if he could afford it!). We did get lost twice but not for too long. The pub has a nice outdoor garden so the dogs could chill out with us and eat chips. Spoiled bastards!

Sunday was the local Bridgehouse show. Again, training was the main focus of the day for both Hex and Zen! It was nice to go to a show that is only 20 minutes away! Dennis came and enjoyed taking photos for a few hours.

Monday we went on a nice walk with Tim and Marion. This time we brought Hex and Pax (or Pex as Dennis likes to call this combo). Since Tim and Marion will be watching Pax for us when we are in Norway we thought we should bring her to their house and let her spend sometime with them. I think Pax will be spoiled for that week and she likes both Tim and Marion.

Tim picks some really good walks and this was no exception. No book for Tim; he just gets his trusty map and decides the route himself. This time the pub was called the Cricketteer and about 1/2 way along on the walk of about 4 miles. The walk included a stop at a little pond area and Hex make good use of it! Throw some sticks and she is happy to dive in and swim all day.

Pax just watches..well not really watch she runs around the edge of the water barking at Hex. This combo of Hex and Pax is much noisier than Hex and Hob-b. And Pax likes to shows how you must circle the humans to keep them in a bunch when they start to wander and spread out.

There were some nice views along with walk; but most of the walk was thru nice cool wooded areas. A good walk for a hotter day and only one short uphill bit to get the heart pumping.

Here is Hex showing that she dried off quite nicely by the end of the walk!


Karen said...

The perfect way to spend a bank holiday walking and a pub !!

Andy & Nancy said...

Sounds lovely!

Anonymous said...

Sounds a lovely way to spend a bank holiday!
And Hex is so cute!!! x

Sophie and lil' dasher.