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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Unfortunately no good news yet

It was a long night and we tried almost everything but Hex would just not eat. You could see how nauseous she was; twice she actually took a piece of chicken from my hand and then just let it drop out of her mouth. She would just turn her head away from any food.

I have been syringing water into her mouth and she did drink a little. I have been putting Nutri-stat (hi calorie paste) in her mouth. Last night I actually just put blobs of baby food into her mouth and she swallowed a little. I was a feeling a little positive last night as she seemed to keep it down during the night. But this morning she vomitted twice after I tried the same thing. She still has diarrhea with blood.

So Hex is back to the vet this morning and he is putting he back on IV fluids. And hopefully talking to a GI specialist to see if there is anything else we can try.

She is getting injections of antinausea medication and well as antiobiotic injections and the fluids. Her temperature is normal and her heart rate is good. Her gums are still pale and they are doing more blood work today.

I keep telling myself it has only been since Saturday afteroon; so only 4 days. It seems like forever. Thank you all for your suggestions and just for your good thoughts. I take all the suggestions on board and also ask the vet about them. If I do not respond to you right away; it is just because I get very emotional everytime I write about her so it is easier to do it just once on the blog.

Please keep the good thoughts coming and if you have any ideas, however crazy you think they are, just let me know.


Anonymous said...

The blog is a perfect way to respond to everyone's concerns for Hex - no one expects you to respond individually right now. Don't get too discouraged because Roddy was still nauseous after 12 days and he threw up the first few days home as well - he just stared blankly at the food - getting the fluids into her for proper organ function is the most critical. I know you just want to see her misbehaving rather than not feeling herself - keeping positive thoughts headed your way.

Ann & Spooner

Anonymous said...

hang in there, this sure hasn't been easy for you! I'll keep sending good thoughts, but that really doesn't help much, I'm afraid...

I'm Helen said...

These are the kinds of situations where perhaps we might wish we didn;t keep our dogs fit and lean and muscled, but lardy things instead with lots of excess fat on them for a rainy day....but believe me the fact that she IS fit and healthy with a strong constitution is the best thing going for her. Its just that she has had two bouts within a very short space of time - bound to take its toll on her resistance. If Henry can survive strychnine 4.5years ago, Hexy will get through this.She WILL be well again and she WILL enjoy Olympia - you'll see.H and gangxxxx

Katie Trachte said...

This is a crazy idea but after some googling iron toxicity kept showing up:



Again, I have no idea.. I just kept googling the symptoms... we're crossing paws, tails, fingers, legs, arms and tails for Hex

sally said...

thinking of you and sending all my positive thoughts and prayers sally grove