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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Message for Emma in Scotland

This blog is temporarily interupted to let Emma know that my emails to her are being rejected/blocked by her server! Try emailing me again from another email or see if you can unblock my email address.


And now back to our regular service.....Not much going on as it is rain rain rain! I had to cancel almost all my lessons this week due to the rain and wind; I need an indoor arena. I need to win the Lottery maybe? Or need a Rich husband? Oh no that is what Johanna needs! hehe

I am planning on going to Stour Valley this weekend. I have never been to that show and am hoping the weather cooperates. I have to bring all the girls along as Dennis is away and it would be too long a day to leave the oldies at home alone. It looks like a small show so I am hoping I have time to walk the old girls around as they really enjoy mooching around the show.

I am planning on training/improving my start-lines with Hex! Can anyone tell her?


I'm Helen said...

Nah I'm gonna hex her start line waits - got to get any advantage however gained......

Karen said...

glad that your show hasnt been cancelled then !! :0)

Johanna said...

I can tell her - but she would need a 6 month stay here in Denmark :o) he he he

Anonymous said...

Bernadette -
Send her to me in the US and I'll work the start line stay for you. You won't mine if we breed her to Jif while she's here, will you???