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Monday, September 15, 2008

A Nightmare few days

I cannot write a normal blog post so this will be quick.

Hex is in the vet hospital again. It is very serious.

This is the 2nd time this week this happened. At the beginning of last week Hex became sick from possible mushroom. We assume it is mushroom as we do get them in our garden and the symptoms were so exact to muscarine poisoning. The poison control agreed. If anyone knows of any other possible poisons with those symptoms (excessive tearing, salivating, watery diarrhea, vomiting, decreased heart rate) please let me know.

Hex was kept over night the first time and seemed to bounce back by the morning after a night of being on fluids. I kept her from the Paws in the Park agility show this past weekend as to not overdo anything with her and let her fully recover. It made me so sad to leave her behind. But little did I know that now I wished she had come with me; as by the time I got back from Paws in the Park on Saturday my husband had rushed all 3 dogs that I left home to the vet.

I have picked up the two older girls (Pax 12 and Jordan 13 years old) last night after 2 days on fluids. They seemed to have bounced back quickest. Whether it was because they did not have as much poison or because they only had one exposure. Hex is still at the vet. She was and is the worst affected. She is not doing well after 2 days on fluids; but they are optimistic. When she arrived at the vet on Saturday night she was almost dead; her heart rate had dropped to nothing and her eyes were pinpoints. I am grateful that my husband got her to the vets so quickly. When I saw her Saturday night and the vet told me that she almost died on the table; I just could not believe it. Of all dogs why Hex?

Please keep the wicked one in your prayers. I am praying that she will be back being the naughty barky sheltie that I love.

Pax and Jordan seem good this morning. I gave Pax a bath this morning so that she can join me on the bed. The vets said she was naughty all the time she was there. She chewed the IV fluid line and complained severely that she was not being fed. Tim and Marion call her a "fiddle-arse" and she lived up to that name at the vets office. I think they were glad she was leaving? As for Jordan, they had asked me if Jordan was usually so calm as they had to poke her a few times to make sure she was alive! Jordan likes to sleep and is deaf so she sleeps so soundly. She is so calm and doesn't expend any extra energy unless it involves dinner time.

Right now our grass is fenced off and the dogs only have freedom in the gravel run area where we can watch them 100%. We have scoured this area with bleach and picked up any thing that could hide a mushroom. We are now letting the garden grass grow so the if any mushroom pop up we can photograph them. Prior to that we had been going out daily and clearing up any mushrooms we could see. We need to be able to identify the culprit if possible. My research on mushrooms is not going well; it is such a complicated subject with ID being very hard. Basically I think I need someone to come here to the house. But for now I will try to photograph what I can. Yesterday I picked alot of mushroom and bagged them but I think I would have been better photographing them right in the grass as a whole.

I am so frustrated, tired and angry but mostly just scared silly about Hex. Saturday night the vet called me every 2 hours thru the night to let me know she was still alive and how she was doing. This vet was brilliant and I am grateful he had more experience than the last vet and got in touch with poison control immediately.

I do not think I could stand this if this happened again. I cannot believe I have left her again at the vets. I am ready to move house.


Lian said...

Oh Bernadette, I am so sorry to hear the girls were down again to those mushroom poison, our prayers are with you and especially the wicked one, we will her back to her wicked self asap, lots of cuddles for Hex and we are thinking of you.

Lorna said...

Keeping everything crossed for little Hex.

Maybe you need artificial lawn (it gets laid with a weed membrane under it so nothing grows through it at all).

Lorna x

jo and brian said...

OMG Bernadette you must be beside yourself with worry, having three dogs fall so ill. Could it be some venomious neighbour putting something down for them or someone throwing poison over the fence? What makes me think like that, you have lived in your house for a while now and this has not hapened before, I would be thinking why now.

Fingers crossed for the lovely Hex our thoughts are with you both.

Karen said...

Just so sorry B, what a horrid tough time, sending you love and prayers for Hex, karen xxx

Angela said...

......I'm so sorry. We are thinking of you all and send you hugs from Cornwall x

Paula said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the dogs and am keeping everything crossed for Hex.

Have you tried speaking to somewhere like Plumpton College or even Kew Gardens as they may be able to ID the cause by the symptoms?

kerry martin said...

i'm so sorry to hear your bad news, hope all goes well with hex, she seems a strong dog and will fight for her life so that she can be back at home with her family. thinking of you.x.x kerry

Mary-Anne said...

What a horrible nightmare!!!

You're both in my thoughts.

Dawn said...

We are quietly praying for you and Hex, here in Michigan.

leah gardner said...

oh my god! I'm so sorry to hear about your dogs!!!!! If there is anything I can do to help feel free to call. leah x

Anonymous said...

Oh dear..I'm so sorry to hear about your girls esp Hex. Will include Hex & Nova in my prayers. Wish Hex a speedy recovery so that Nova & I can view more video of Hex in trials & trainings. Be Brave & Strong!!

Best Regards,
Shanice & Nova

Lucinda said...

I am really sorry to hear about Hex, my fingers are crossed for her. I can't even begin to imagine what you must be going through.

Im pleased to hear that Pax & Jordan are ok!

Best wishes for Hex,
Lucinda xx

Diana said...

We are keeping our paws crossed for you. Diana

Maxine said...

Sending lots of positive thoughts and love to you all and keeping fingers firmly crossed for little Hex.

I'm Helen said...

Hope things are improving more qucikly now by this evening. Was thinking about you all today. Not sure moving house is the best - those funghi are all over now - its warm, its damp, its that time of year. Maybe starving the lawn and keeping the grass so short the ground gets dusty when it is dry? Less cover for funghi?? You'd need to check that out first though

Natalie said...

Im so Sorry to hear this.. Really hope Hex is better soon!

Thinking of you xx

Anonymous said...

Any chance it could be a poisonous spider? This was one of the things the vets first suspected when Stamp was poisoned, and apparently the symptoms can be quite similar to mushroom poisoning. Don't know what kind of spiders you have in the UK, but it might be something to consider.

Thinking good thoughts and hoping for the best!


Katie Trachte said...

Sending you loads of good thoughts and prayers and hoping Hex makes a full and quick recovery. We're thinking of you both....

shazza said...

Dear Bernadette
Soooo sorry to hear about Hex.We wish the wicked one a speedy recovery, also sending loads of kisses and cuddles for her.
Sharon and jodie( she runs shellie the sheltie)

Anonymous said...

Have you considered other plants in your yard? The signs sound alot like Castorbean toxicity as well, and it's a common ornamental shrub. There are countless other plants that can cause these signs as well. If you come up short figuring out what's causing it, maybe get a toxicologist to come take a look at your yard.

Wishing the best for poor little Hex!

Anonymous said...

I can't even imagine the amount of worry you're experiencing now for your poor dog. Please know that you have many friends who are all hoping for the best for your little friend.