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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hex is feeling better!

Just a quick update. Thanks to all who wrote sharing stories and just giving support.

Hex is doing much better. I picked her up at the vet and she looked like her normal bouncy wicked self. She was so hungry; not surprising as she had not eaten for 24 hour and had emptied herself out with the vomiting and diarrhea. I had to be careful not to feed her too much too fast, although she was not happy with that method!

Of course she went for another 24 hours without having a poo and I was anxiously waiting to make sure it was normal. Oh what makes us happy these days! A normal poo occurred this morning at 4:30am and I was so happy even though it was 4:30 am. HA!

I have done internet research on mushrooms. You know what? You cannot get rid of them! I am still going to see if the local agricultural college has any ideas or can help me at all. The only positive ideas I found on the internet was to fertilize (high nitrogen) as the mushroom prefer high carbon. We don't usually put anything on our lawn (fertilizer, pesticide or insecticide) but I will give fertilizer a try.

I have been keeping the lawn short and am mowing it nearly every other day; just so that I can SEE any mushrooms. They are darn hard to find! The large white ones are easy; but there are little tall brown ones, low round brown ones that look like stones and of course the scary red ones.

I will not even mention just how much Hex's one day at the vet cost. All I can say is thank goodness for insurance and I hope they cover most of it other than the excess. I now know that she was definitely in shock when I brought her in. Her gums were white and cold and even the tips of her ears were cold. I do not know how the night would have went if I had kept her home. Would she just have gotten over it? Can a dog in shock recover on it's own without fluids? I do not know.

So Hex will be taking it easy for a week or so. No agility training, no swimming and no agility show this weekend for her. We will go for a nice walk this afternoon and see how tired she gets. Hopefully she can return to her swimming next week. I know how I feel after a stomach flu: tired and weak. Although she looks happy enough I think a rest will be safer for her. She has different ideas and was not happy yesterday when I would go out in the agility yard to do a few lessons. She expects to get her chance also.

I love this photo of Hex gazing out into the agility yard.

So today is September 11th. I almost do not want to watch TV or read the paper as I know they will be telling all the stories again. Last night I watched a program on survivors of the Marriott Hotel which was directly under the towers. I tried NOT to watch it but then left it on and of course couldn't turn away. Between that and watching an episode of the Dog Whisperer about a family deciding to put their old dog to sleep.... well it was a teary night! The story about the dog kept reminding me of Joy and then got me thinking about losing Hex and well there you go! Aren't we ridiculous sometimes?

Anyway I hope my next blog post is more cheery! I have some good news and some great photos that I will try and get up tomorrow.


Lorna said...

Great News little wicked Hex is feeling better :)

I watched the hotel programme too and like you I had not meant to watch it :(

Lorna x

Macfarlane Dogs said...

Phew, so glad Hex is feeling better. Its a scary scary thing when they get ill as they cannot tell you how they feel!! X

I watched that programme too. Truly amazing stories of the survivors. A life changing experience for sure. Not sure I would have been so brave!

Ann Marie said...

So happy for Hex! (As you know) :-)

Today I went home at lunchtime and hung the flag out as my husband obviously forgot this morning. This after listening to a radio station's morning program dedicated 100% to the memory of 9/11 - complete with moments of silence for when each tower was hit and again for when each fell. My emotions switched from deep sadness, to anger, to hope and back again. As I live in New York this is a particularly hard day.

Hurry and post something cheery Bernadette!!!

Johann The Dog said...

I am so glad Hex is OK, how scary for both of you!!!

One note, if you do use fertilizer be sure and use a non chemical one, like fish emulsion or worm poo. I use a spray fish emulsion and my dogs don't even bother the grass after. Using the organic pellets, gets them too interested, and runny noses from sniffing so much.

Keep up the healing!

Diana said...

Im glad Hex is feeling better. Hey I dont know if these people can help you. But they certainly do a lot of interesting things to maintain there farm /rescue for disable animals. Here is the link http://www.rollingdogranch.typepad.com/
They have posted information about bugs that eat flys and other things. You should send them an email and see if they have any ideas about the mushrooms. Just a thought. Diana

Katie Trachte (USA) said...

GREAT NEWS! Glad she's feeling well... why do Shelties eat everything????

Karen said...

So glad that Hex is better, and yes I watched it too, amazing how much courage some people have, made me feel very lucky x

Dawn said...

She is such a beautiful dog. Katie (my sheltie) and I are so very glad she's OK. True sheltie's do eat everything! I hope you can find a solution to the mushroom problem because I know you'll never be comfortable with your dogs out in the yard, always wondering if they've found something.
-Dawn (and Katie too!)

Anonymous said...

Great News !! So glad that Hex is feeling better now !!

Shanice & Nova

sophie said...

Glad she's feeling better! Dash would love a window seat, he loves peering outside!