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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Some Hex video

Here is the video of Hex's semi-final run. It was a very straight forward course; I am glad we didn't have such an easy course for the medium final. Luckily for me, Hex is one of the faster smalls right now so a straight forward course is OK for her. For Zen, in the medium height against the Border collies, such a course would have made it difficult for Zen to outrun a border collie. It is amazing how the type makes such a difference. Anyway I went into this semi saying that I wanted to get 3rd place. Guess what? We did! It sounds strange wanting 3rd but I had my reason.

When we run at Olympia in London we run in reverse order of our placement at the semi-final. Last year Hex won the semi and so ran last at Olympia. I did not want to run last again! It was too stressful! 3rd is far enough down that I will know what I need to do but not too much pressure and hype.

Here is the video. Damn she is so cute but we need some work on her start-line stay!

On an exciting note Johanna (being Johanna) is plotting to get a new lovely boy into Denmark. I am hoping this happens as he could be a good match for Zen. Guess what colour he is: Bi-Black! Yeah that means more black puppies..... Why couldn't she import a nice sable? Damn her! hehe

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Katie Trachte (USA) said...

Bi Black!!!!! I want!!!!!!

What do we need to do to get on the puppy list now!!!! :)