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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hex update sunday

We have been to see Hex each day for the past 3 days. It is so painful to see her yet I feel as if I need to see her each day. Dennis has been coming with me the past 3 days and he takes photos of her but I just cannot put them on the blog. They are not the Hex I want to remember. The Hex I know is naughty and barky and full of life. This Hex is subdued and quiet and obviously still not feeling well at all.

I was slightly more upbeat yesterday as she ate some of the ice cream we brought her. Just tiny bits licked off our fingers. But today she just turned her head away and anytime she was offered any type of food she tried to walk away. She must still feel so nauseous and horrible. I guess I expect a continued progress and wasn't expecting an up and down ride.

The vet nurse there said she had fed Hex about 3 hours earlier. She just syringed some soft food into the side of her mouth and Hex swallowed the food and even licked a little off of the syringe. She thinks she had about 15 mls of food. So maybe that was alot for her that morning.

The nice thing is that on the in patient board in the kennel area, next to Hex's name, the nurses have drawn little red love hearts. It helps me to know that Hex is being loved while she is there.

The vet says her kidney levels have improved slightly and he has been able to take her off the diuretic and will watch to see that she can keep producing the urine output on her own. I have stopped looking up "acute kidney failure" on the Internet as whatever I read is very pessimistic. My eyes immediately scroll down to "prognosis" and I do not like what I see.

After we left the vet's office we stopped at the West Whitterings beach to give the three girls a little exercise. They are suffering because we have restricted their exercise as I will not let them out on the grass during the day alone. And I have just not been up to walking them without Hex. So I am trying to make a concerted effort to get out with them each day to do something.

The West whitterings beach is so lovely for the dogs. It was crowded today as the weather has just been so perfect.

I am looking for any good signs that Hex will get better and be back to the Hex I know and love. We took this photo of the girls at the beach. Even after cropping it again and again I just couldn't get that other dog out of the photo on the top left hand corner. I kept cropping it and re-centering our three dogs and still There "IT" was! Then it dawned on me...that dog was a German Shorthair Pointer! So I have decided that was my sign from my sweet Tess telling me that Hex will be ok.

Here was my other good sign. We passed by all these boats and I did not notice any names on the boats until this one. My best and favorite aunt is my aunt Mary so I have decided that this was also a sign of good things to come.

This was not a sign but it just made me happy for a few seconds. Zen smiling and having such a good time in the water. My dog who doesn't like water! She was running in the surf, chasing rocks and sticks and trying to steal tennis balls from labradors! My sweet Zen who is usually scared of big dogs!

So on we march one day at a time.


I'm Helen said...

Yay, some more positive news. She's gonna make it. Definitely. How could she want to miss out on Whittering beach for a start! be positive all of you. Hxxx

Diana said...

thanks for posting. Heres keeping good thoughts and love your way. Diana

Lorna said...

One day at a time is a very good way to look at things :)

Thinking of you and keeping everything crossed for the little wicked one to be back to her wicked ways and back home where she belongs.

Lorna x

Lian said...

I am glad to hear Hex is eating, that is a good sign, eventhough just tiny bit. Not long before you know that she will grab everything off you hand again!! Ah! sweet little Hexy. Come on, you can do it, to make your mum happy again!

Dawn said...

Every little improvement is a good thing. Let's hope she can produce urine! And the other three girls are adorable. Keep the faith...we'll keep praying for you all.

Mary-Anne said...

I don't envy you the roller-coaster ride you're on - been there, done that.

Stop googling - you'll make yourself crazy!

It sounds like her numbers are slowly but steadily moving in the right direction - that's encouraging. If she starts to produce urine on her own, even better.

Glad you and the other girls got a chance to get out and enjoy each others' company - that beach looks lovely and they must have been VERY happy to get out of the house.

Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks for posting. I check your blog several times a day for news of Hex and I'm encouraged by the latest news.

Andy & Nancy Hudson said...

Praying for more positive steps. You are in our thoughts constantly.

Love from
Nancy & Andy

Jane said...

As Lorna said ... one step at a time, and at least there is some small positive signs. I cannot imagine what you must be going through but she is obviously a little fighter and if love and prayers are any measure, she will breeze through this and be back home before you know it.

Our thoughts are with you

Jane x

Anonymous said...

Watching every day and praying for good news. Whoever sang the song "Life is a Rollercoaster" wasn't wrong! Hope that knowing so many of us are thinking of you helps you keep strong.
Lots of love
Alison, Bryan and Tamzin

Anonymous said...

So glad to read about the small improvements - even though they don't seem like much to you, they are important for her recovery and sound very familiar from Roddy's experience. He, too, was in acute renal failure and believe me, he produces plenty of urine today!!! Roddy's "long pees" are a joke with Don and I - he stands there so long he sometimes has to switch legs - but girls don't have that problem, do they?? Keeping the positive thoughts "flowing" your way...

Ann & Spooner

Eleanor said...

Three German Shorthairs and two Shelties are sending Hex canine positive thoughts accross the pond. Hang in there. I am thinking about you!

Laura said...

Hi Bernadette,
I'll keep Hex in my prayers. Eleanor gave me this site, Kim(adility instructor) wants us to free shape behavior,so I'm going to try and teach Mojo the 2 paws on the pail exercise.

Anonymous said...

Hello my Sweet Cousin!

I sent Mom your blog, as I know she will be honored for the mention. I'm also confident that it is a GOOD sign! Keep you chin up Bernadette, Hex is gonna come through this I'm sure!

Sending hugs, kisses, and lots of prayers your way!

Love ya ALWAYS!
Elizabeth, Jim, T.J.
and Roxy too xox