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Monday, September 05, 2011

Zen and her Boyz: two weeks old

The first two weeks have gone quickly. Now Zen is totally in control and the best mom to her boyz. Zen makes it easy for us during the first few weeks. All I have to do is pick them up and cuddle them, do some neurological stimulation and weigh them to make sure they are gaining.

We take photos but basically they are just groups of puppies in different formations.

Once and awhile they do something cute.

Really 1 week old sheltie pups are not that pretty!

Little Blaze is the most handsome only because his eyes opened earlier and his ears are starting to drop sooner.

Spot is really kind of ugly right now but in a cute way.

Big Blaze and Full Collar.

They are starting to look around a little and once their ears open in a few days they will be much more active.

The pups were wormed for the first time. Yucky pink Drontal!

I have moved the pups from the spare bedroom into the living room now. The first two weeks are all about keeping Zen calm so that she can take care of her pups in peace. The next 6 weeks are about enjoying the pups and getting them used to everyday life. And maybe some training in there also....just maybe...


Diana said...

Oooooh, I cant wait to here what you deciede.

Bride2B said...

I think they are all just adorable! If you want to send me the teeny tiny boy... he can come join my 11 pound sheltie boy whom I bet was probably that small as a baby!

Anonymous said...

I never tire of seeing puppy pictures!! (Probably because I've always gotten my pups at 3-4 months and so never get to see the early stages.) Is that the same boy that sleeps belly up? (It looks like it, but I can't be certain.) Adorable and another great job by Zen!