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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Agility Champion Obay Itz Got Pizzazz "ZAZ"

No fanfare, no laps of honour; just a hug from the judge and now my dog is an Agility Champion. Words can't describe how proud I am of my little Zaz.

At Prestbury Park on 4 Sept 2011 Zaz won the small Championship final, received her third Championship Certificate and became an Agility Champion.


Hudsondoglets said...

And very exciting it was too! Very well done to you and Zaz, your third KC Agility Champion. Quite a feat.

Rhoda said...

Well done to you and Zaz - what a great team! xx

Vicki said...

huge huge congrats to you both xx

Anonymous said...


What a fine sucess and you and you Zaz really earned it.
Looking foward to see you run at World Championship.



Hooch n Troops said...

Bloody brilliant...fab run...love your contacts and Zaz is a star xx Mega Congrats becoming agility champion Zaz :) xx

Angela said...

We are all proud of you two, well done and now for a boy!!!!!!!xxx

Serena said...

what a gorgeous beautiful run Bernadette and Zaz and A HUGE HUG and Congratulations!!!! Eluane is squeaking her Puppy Prize toy in response to this Fabby news! We are all so excited to hear about this championship! So brilliant!

Serena said...

Bernadette, I just heard from Agility Addicts that Little Star Zaz got another Championship at Olympia... September 17th??? I am coincidentally up late, and caught the announcement, so I'm sending a super early Congrats!

I'm sure little Angel Hexie is running in circles with excitement too! From brilliant Angel to her Earth sister Star! Much hugs! I'll be so excited to read about all the details in your Blog!