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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Boyz: Week 4

Four weeks old is such an in-between age. No longer infants but not yet active for very long. They are cute though! Luckily they still give me time to do other things but I know this will change after 5 weeks.

The pups are getting trips outside now and love to climb on things, wrestle with each other, eat and sleep. The boys definitely seem to play-fight more than my girls have. Of course let's not forget pee and poo; I need more newspaper and paper towels.


Little Blaze

Full Collar

Big Blaze

At 4.5 weeks the puppy pen changes again and the pups get a nice comfy snuggle bed. I feel bad for them because Zen will not lay down for them anymore. If she feeds them she will stand to allow them to nurse while standing on their back legs for about 2 minutes and then she runs away from the sharp teeth! They also spend alot of time in the kitchen behind a baby gate so they have lots of room to run around (and pee and poo!)


Chica Poodle said...

They are so gorgeous! I love them pouncing on he Hedgehog beanbag lol xxx

Serena said...

yes, the poking, pouncing and prodding of the beanbag is hilarious! And the sweet-as-pudding plumpness of the pups is adorable. I just love their tiny faces. So cute!