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Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Boyz: Week 3

The first 3 weeks is an easy time for me; there is not much to do other than observe the pups and handle them as much as possible. The pups are moved full time into the living room and we take little "day" trips into other rooms. Three weeks is an in-between time where I want to start playing with them but really they are still infants. I find my sheltie pups are slow maturing compared to some of the Border collie litters I have observed at the same ages.

This will give you an idea of what they do on their little outings.

This is what their puppy pen looks like at 3 weeks old. I try and change the pen around every week; adding toys and things to climb on. They love to climb on things at this age. So I add lots of musical toys to their pens for them to climb on and experience strange noises and movement. The baby toys hanging over them are simply to get them used to things moving over their heads.

My fancy puppy box is made by Dennis out of cardboard and I love its flexibility. He raised it up on a pallet so that there is a clear delineation between the box and the pen; this is useful for future housebreaking. We can cut it down or add ramps as needed and then throw it out after the pups are gone. The pups are funny at this age tumbling down the little ramp and amazing me when they can get back up it again. Dennis added some sandpaper pads to give the ramp some grip and the pups already know how to use it. I know the rumours will start about how I am teaching them their 2on/2off positions on the ramp already...but really we are going directly to running contacts so I must make the ramp longer....they keep hitting their heads on the pen when they run down full speed...(joking just joking)

The boyz are still like little guinea pigs. They are hard to photograph because they are so low to the ground and all my photos end up looking like big black blobs! Here are some of my better photos so you can meet "The BoyZ" at 3 weeks old.

SPOT: He is adorable and little but hard to photograph without making him look like a startled mouse.

Little Blaze:

Full Collar:

Big Blaze:

Zen is still an attentive mom at this age but teeth will be coming soon and that will be the end of her mothering love! Itzy is waiting to take over; she is so sweet and gentle with the pups. Itzy could make you cry with her sweetness!


Malin said...

They are soooo cute!! I guess you spend most of your time on the floor.

Diana said...

They are so cute but what a lot of work. I have one puppy for 3 days now and I'm exhausted. LOL

Bride2B said...

I love the video! Spot is adorable, I love the small guys!

Christine said...

3 weeks luv it, you can start to see their personalities in the photos. Brought memories flooding back of choosing Zev :-)

Serena said...

Oh, Bernadette, the puppies are so Beautiful! I was giggling about what a loving Mama you are yourself! Here you are in the smack-dab glory with Zaz's Olympia 1st place win, and instead you are more busy with posting photos of the puppies, haha, than the agility viddies. I'm rather floored, tickled to death with this..

Anyway, I love Itzy tender photo too. What a sweetheart, and it's a joy to see her. My favorite puppy is Big Blaze but it's only! because us Border Collie owners are silly about the Blaze-star on the forehead, always looking for the "mini-Me" ;) But all the pups are adorable, I love seeing the puppy paws and how perfect and rounded they are...

Angela said...

yummy...Spot for me please!

David Anderson said...

That last picture is wonderful!