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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some European Open 2009 photos

While at the KC Festival this weekend I recieved 2 CDs of photos from the EO! Thanks to Nick Josty and Martin Cavill. I have been looking through them and laughing at some of them but sadly cannot post all of them! So here are a few that I liked.

Why are Zen and Indy jumping and barking like fools?!

Because a large funny looking man is throwing a big inflatable british hammer around and taunting them! Uhhhh ooooops unfortunately a slight deflation of british hammer occurred...

I liked the finger pointy split leg action on this one.

Ahhh cute team-mates.

OUCH! This obstacle is so hard for the british dogs because our tyres don't have frames.

Yeah I know I should be following through on the last jump but at that angle I could just afford to be HAPPY!

Just because she is beautiful!


Lian said...

What lovely photos!

Paula said...

She's a great little dog, well obviously medium, and he girls will have a lot to live up to :)

You can always reply on Barrie to be the best supporter.

Dawn said...

Such a beautiful girl! And having so much fun too!