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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

European Open Part 2 and UKA national week

The EO went so well I almost have nothing to blog about! Saturday was just great for me with Zen doing so well in the finals. Sunday was good but the scoring for the teams is really strange. It is nothing like the scoring for the World Champs so you really don't know who is in the lead until it is all over. It does not make it very exciting. Our medium team did well but a few errors and we did not get the 6 clears that we needed. The small team got 6 good clears and only placed 6th overall as they combine small and medium teams for placements. Kinda strange.

The trip home was smooth and uneventful which is the perfect trip home! We went directly to the UKA week long agilty show which was fun but it rained of course. Very dramatic rain which caused some flooding and moving of tents and caravans at night. Thank goodness our spot stayed dry and we did not have to move.

The UKA week was necessary for us to try-out for the IFCS World Championships next year. The try out process is confusing but so far it looks good that we will be on the team. During the week there were 3 rounds of their "Finals" and Zen got through to the last round and ended up in 2nd behind a border collie that is not trying out (heights are different for IFCS and the cut-off is 16" which cuts out most border collies). So her 2nd place gave her the most points for the dogs trying out and this should give us a spot on the team as long as our metres per seconds are competitive.

Zen was really tired after the EO. We are spending alot of our time over this next month getting her fitter for the World Champs. Her bounce back from this last litter of pups was slower than the previous.

This is what the dogs looked like after the EO.

We are off today for the KC International Festival. It is massive again this year with something like 20 rings of agility. Our medium Olympia semi-final is on Friday, so fingers crossed for both Zen and Todd to be at Olympia this year!


Lian said...

Good Luck Zen & Todd for the Olympia Semi. We will be at the ringside to cheer for you! Go Go OBays!!

Serena said...

Cheers and Numero Uno! for Zen! rah-rah-hurrr-ah! Am wishing you an Olympic brilliant placing in her Olympia Semi! Have a fantastic soaring run Todd!!