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Monday, August 03, 2009

Phew we are back!

Wow I have been away from home for almost 2 weeks! I think I am agilitied-out! Even Zen is tired!

We left two weeks ago headed off to the Netherlands for the European Open Agility Championships and after that went directly to the UKA Nationals week long agility show. My legs and feet ache, I am tired but I had a great time at both shows running my little Zen. She was a star and gave me her all as usual. I will post more about the European Open when I get some photos and maybe video. Dennis stayed home with the pups and so no videos for me but hopefully I can find some!

We have some changes in the household. Little Neil has gone to his new home and is now named "Vinnie". Luna has left with Johanna back to Denmark to grow her coat and be fluffed up and shown in the breed rings all year. Luna will be coming back to us next year to hopefully try for a bigger litter with a few girls next time! So it all seems so quiet here now but a good time to recover from the EOs and to think about actually training Zaz and Itzy!


Christine said...

Great and welcome back, Zev has missed me reading your postings to him ;-)

Diana said...

I saw your run in the finals of the EO on Agility Vision. It was an awesome run. Congrats! Diana

katja said...

I found your run in the finals right here: http://www.agilityfilmpjes.nl/EO.htm

great run! It looks such easy and "smooth" ;-)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Congratulations! We always love to see you and Zen run - you're such an inspiration to us! Glad things went so well at the EO!