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Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Little "Pork Chop" is growing up! I know it is my fault for naming a puppy Pork Chop but Marilyn keeps having people ask how "Pork Chop" is doing. haha. Her new, much nicer, name is Zavvi and it really suits her.

Since I have not seen Zavvi since she left at 8 weeks and I am grateful that Marilyn keeps me updated with photos. Thanks Marilyn!

It is so funny to find out different funny quirks that each puppy has. It turns out that Zavvi, like Itzy, loves to dig in her water bowl and spread water all over the kitchen floor. I don't know where that trait comes from but I blame the sire as that is much easier! Zavvi is also a lover of swimming. Last week I took Zaz and Itzy swimming and it looks like Itzy is also a natural water baby. I hope to get photos or videos during their next session.

Anyway, here are some new photos of the lovely Zavvi. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Hello !

Zavvi is also really cute.
I am interesting about you bring the puppy swimming.
My little (nor really little) Steven is no swimmer.

Greetings !


Dawn said...

Oh my she is just beautiful! What a personality!

Karen said...

She is so lovely, and very very fluffy! I wish Yaz loved water but she HATES it !!!