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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Zaz 16 weeks old

Just to show that it's not all about Itzy. Here is Zaz this weekend on her walk. The pups turned 16 weeks old today.

Zaz is so much fun to train. What did we all do before clicker training? I cannot remember that far back!

We have a two weeks left in our little local village hall puppy class. It has been good; very basic but good exposure for the pups. The funny thing is that neither Zaz nor Itzy will play with the other pups during the controlled puppy play-time. I think because they have each other they don't find these puppies very interesting. Itzy is actually afraid of the little Shih-tzu in the class! You can see on her face that she just would rather NOT say hello to THAT pup!

I am very excited because we will start a more agility based puppy class in 3 weeks. It is a class that both Zen and Hex went to as pups and I really enjoyed it. It is a long trip to get to (over 1 hour) but worth it. The only problem is which pup do I work? It is a day class so no chance of Dennis helping out this time.

It was so windy and rainy today and we had just a few minutes of no rain for me to run out and do some video. It was one of those days where it would be pouring with rain one minute and sunny the next and then a gale force wind would pop up. I cancelled any lessons today so had some good training time with the pups. I am working on their retrieves right now; it is a slow process but fun to see their little brains working it out. Just to prove that Zazzer actually does things too; here is two videos I took this afternoon It is not easy to video, command, click and give food! I guess if I was smart I would have a tripod for my video camera but then what fun would that be?


Rosie Ison said...

Arr so cute Bernadette.
Where are the classes you're starting the girls in 3 weeks ?? I'd love to do that with Fozzie bear

Anonymous said...

Hello !

Zaz is a really smart little dog.
16 weeks and so many abilities.

Best regards !