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Friday, April 17, 2009

Girl Power Water Babies

Zaz and Itzy have now been to the doggy swimming pool twice. I was quite pleased with their reactions to the place and to the water. Neither pup was bothered by the new surrounding or the strange noises of the swimming pool and that was great.

The ladies at the pool were very patient getting the pups used to the water.

Luckily the pool is full of other creatures to tempt puppies.

They are both at the point now that they are swimming smoothly but Zaz started out splashing quite a bit!

The toys helped but Itzy splashed too.

Itzy doesn't wear a life jacket because they did not have two tiny jackets and she seemed the most comfortable in the water. Neither pup willing to swim away from the sides just yet.

But the chickens are calling and hunting chickens is serious bizness. Itzy stalks, attacks and holds tight to that wiley chicken.

At the start Zaz was all business and just wanted to swim out of the pool bypassing any stray farm animals.

But now she will pick up a toy on her way.

And she is becoming quite the chicken hunter like her grandma True.

It is so great to be able to introduce them to water so young and it is even better that the doggy swimming pool is 1 minute down the road from me!


Lian said...

WOW! Fantastic! The girls look fab! It is so good to see more swimming shelties!!

Sharon said...

Excellent love the pics, must get Diesel to our local pool to see how he takes to it.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Awesome! I can't believe that Zaz and Itsy are swimming already! And they look so so cute doing it!

Diana said...

Wow, thats great. I wish my shelties like to swim. Ive taken them to the lake and the will get in for hot dogs, but its not fun to them. Diana

Sara said...

That's so great. Wish there was a doggy pool near me.

Paula said...

Oh you're sooo lucky to have somewhere so close to take the dogs swimming.

The girls look like they are going to very good swimmers and chicken hunters.

Dawn said...

Fantastic pictures! They are such brave little girls! Love the splashing pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hello !

What a great thing this is !!!
How cute they are doing their swimming training.
Lucky you whith such a professional swimming training near by.

Greetings !


Katja said...

Love the photos, what a joy !!