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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Celebration 2009

I snapped these photos just now. We have one sunbbeam coming through the front door and Itzy and Zaz took turns lying in it! I have heard from other owners of Zen x Tazz pups that their pups love the warmth of a fireplace or sun. This is the first I have noticed it in my own dogs.

Overall we had a good Easter weekend at the agility show. The weather was not great but it was nice to get the caravan out anyway. It was the puppies first time in the caravan and sleeping away from home! They both did really well and we rigged up one soft crate and one little pop-up baby tent to be able to crate both pups at night in the caravan. They are not trustworthy enough to let sleep out at night!

We have finally realized (doh!) that,even with both Dennis and I walking one pup each, the pups do better walking around the rings alone. So if you saw us just walking around and around and around the rings that was why! :-) Walking without their sister near-by makes each pup a well-behaved pup!

I was saddened to see that little Fozzie was bit ringside. While we love to take the puppies out to socialize it is so worrying to know that they can easily get hurt. All it takes is one bad experience for a pup to have a life-long fear. I wish people would think more about others. Nuff said.

The OBay shelties did really well this weekend but the highlights included Kizzy (Zen's daughter) winning the Small Grade 6/7 tournament and coming 2nd in two classes on her first weekend out in Grade 6. AND Todd (Hobb's son) coming 1st in his Grade 5 agility and moving up to Grade 6! I can't wait to see both Kizzy and Todd running in Champs next year (or even possibly this year!). Zen, as usual, was a star and won me two easter eggs. I feel that she is really ready for our EO try-outs next weekend.

I am too tired to go into detail of the weekend but thought you might enjoy my latest run with my gorgeous red and white borrowed Border collie Corrie. I don't know how she ended up placing in this class but she was lying 11th (179 entered) after we ran. So in my mind she stayed there! hahaha To be honest, I don't really care what she placed as I just enjoyed running her so much. She is such an honest dog and she seems to run the course without my help really.


Dawn said...

Always fun to watch you run a dog! Thanks for sharing! Now get some rest!

Serenia said...

I have a mini dachshund who just loves to lay in the sun. He stays there so long that sometimes I worry he's going to bake himself!

On the other hand, my sheltie doesn't care at all about the sun.

They are two very different dogs. :-)

Karen said...

Ha you run Corrie so nicely I am glad that you enjoying running her, my pup is a heat bug too xx

Ann Marie said...

She runs without your help because she is a Border Collie. She doesn't NEED your help! HAHAHA!!!!

(Love the little sun-worshipers"!)