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Monday, March 23, 2009

Mid Downs 2009

Mid Downs was our first "real" agility show of the year. I was looking forward to doing a low-key show to get Zen and I back in the zone.

Zen only had two runs but she did so well in both of them. Perfect sit stays on the line and really nice solid contacts; so I was a happy bunny! The agility course was really good for us as it was tight and had some difficulty. I saw the trophies and was really hoping for a placement so I could get one! To my surprise Zen came in 1st and won me a A-Frame trophy! I have been wanting a A-frame trophy since I moved here in 2001! There are some people (who have no taste) who made fun of my trophy but I LOVE it. What is really funny is this Aframe trophy is bigger than the Aframe trophy I won at the World Championships for the Silver medal team!

Here is Zen with her World Champs A-Frame Trophy.

And now in technicolour with her Supadogs A-frame trophy.

To make the day better, Zen's daughter Kizzy won her class (running in small over the same course as Zen)and won an A-Frame trophy also. This win also put her into Grade 6 so congratulations to Andy and Kizzy! Although Andy was risking me handing back his trophy as he didn't see the beauty in it that I did.


Lian said...

That's a superb trophy! Hopefully one day I will be able to win one like that.

The picture of Zen wrapping herself in the Union Jack and her world trophy is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Congratualations Momma Zen x

Diana said...

I love that trophy! Congrats!! Diana

Hudsondoglets said...

Those trophies are really cool, I love them ......

Zen has certainly come back into agility with a bang! Way to go.

Karen said...

Well done to you both, and I loved the trophy too :-) xx

Anonymous said...

Hello !

I can totally agree.
I also wanted such a trophy for a long time because one club has such nice trophys (A-frame, slalom, tire, wall ...) and it takes over 3 years to get an A-frame.

Regards !


Mary-Anne, Bryce Jayda and Raven said...

Congratulations - you're getting quite the collection of little a-frames! I think this latest is very cool, BUT it clashes badly with Zen's pink coat :).

What a great way to return to agility - well done!

Lorna said...

Go Zen! I also luv those trophies!

Lorna x

Anonymous said...

I love the trophy !!!!!!

Way to Zen !!!!!!


Macfarlane Dogs said...

Yay, well done Zen!! x

And I just LOVE the pink coat!