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Monday, March 09, 2009

Post Crufts Pups

I hope to do a Crufts re-cap tomorrow. I am too tired today to even think about it! Thanks to everyone who sent Good Luck messages and Congratulations messages. It was so cool that people all over the world could go to the Crufts TV Online and watch it live! I think it was the best Crufts coverage ever.

Meanwhile the pups stayed at home with Dennis; so I have minimal Crufts photos because I was without my photographer, videographer and best helper! I survived without Dennis thanks to Leah, Nancy, Sonia and Karen; all true friends. I am hoping I will get photos from other people. I know that Susie and Nick took photos from the Singles on Friday and they are going to send me some. I don't know where to get photos from yesterday but know Agility Eye was there and am hoping they will give me a photo or two. If anyone knows please let me know?

I missed the pups so much just being away from them for two days. It seems like they grow and change everyday. I feel bad if I don't get a training session and back-garden running around session in everyday. As soon as I got home each night I did little training with each pup. Itzy is learning to back up and now she backs up for everything; even if it is not what I asked her to do! Zaz goes "bang" whenever she sees food...hmmm I am seeing a pattern!

Karen was telling me that Yazz never sleeps. My two are quite lazy; I wonder if it is me?

They start in the same bed.

Then go into different beds.


Paula said...

It was great to watch you one the live coverage link.
Well done for a fantastic Crufts and I bet the puppies missed you as much as you did them.

Macfarlane Dogs said...

Congrats to you and Zen on a fab comeback!! I hope you enjoyed it.

We watched it all live on the internet (I could barely tear myself away! :-)) and were cheering you on!!

Enjoy relaxing with the pups for the next few days! x

Diana said...

Congratulation!! I was so excited to see all the activities at crufts. We usually only get to see the conformation stuff on TV. It was great to be able to see so much more. It seems so grand. I saw one of your breeding did well also. Im sorry I cant remember her name but what a spit fire. WooHoo. Diana

Johann The Dog said...

We had a blast watching you on Crufts live! Great runs, thanks for the fun!

Lian said...

Congratulations to you and Zen! It was so good to see you back running Zen again and she is a smashing little sheltie. You did all the shelties very proud! BRAVO Zen!

Anonymous said...

Hello !

Congratulation !!!

What a pleasure to watch you and Zen run again !
I only saw the championship.
But it was a great performance.
I was so sorry when Zen hit the bar on the jump. But I was happy that you got the second place .
And Indy on first place in small.
What a great sucess for you as Agility Team and as breeder.

regards !


Johanna said...

Dear Itzy...when are you coming to Denmark...love Tazz

Shetla said...

Haha, I think it those beds. They look so inviting... preferably with a pup or two in as well :-)
What cuties! I would also find them hard to be away from. Those little faces!

And boy, was I thrilled when watching Crufts online, you were announced and came into the ring. It was wonderful to see you and Zennie. I noticed that the producers/editors also seemed to like Zen, as she was often shown in the compilations. Well, who can blame them ;-)

Tammy Moody said...

Congratulations on your fabulous win at Crufts. It was so much fun watching you compete in England, while I was in Portland, Oregon! It was fantastic to have Cruft's covered this year.

Jo said...

It was great to see you back competing again Bernadette, well done and what a star Zen is.

Lorna said...

Well Done with Zen - what a star girlie and the handler did pretty good too ;) and very cute puppy photos - do-nut beds are fab!

Lorna x

Mary-Anne said...

They're ba-a-a-a-ck :) :) :) !!!

Well done!!!

Helen said...

Congratulations Bernadette on Crufts. One of the photos of the pups reminds me of my Zeeba--related through Timmie.

Vonnie said...

What can I say the O'Bay Shelties champs of Crufts! It was great watching all the agility, especially the Shelties. Congrats on the win, Zen is just brilliant! Love the harness, caught my eye when you came back into the ring for the prize giving! The pups are so cute and so clever!

Karen said...

You and Zen were just fantastic to watch, so very well done and hmmmf re your lovely sleepy puppies !!! xx

Sassydogs said...

What gorgeous pictures. Zen looking soooo regal (as is only right after her performance at Crufts!), and the looks on the pups' faces just say it all.
What a great comeback!
Looking forward to seeing you around soon

Ludo van puppy said...

I saw you too! It was fab to watch and I got excited everytime I heard and Obay name too. Congrats!

NancyV said...

Congrats on the success at Crufts with Zen and the other O'Bay dogs. Wish I had known about the live coverage. Enjoy watching Euro/English agility, as the courses are pretty much more interesting than in the US.

I just started reading your blog, and really enjoy it. Your pups are wicked cute. Love reading about their training and development.

Can't wait to hear more details/see video of Crufts.

sassie said...

I'm still patiently waiting...

Post video!!!

I was trialing and missed seeing your runs on the web live stream.