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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Harnesses and Dog Toys

I have been officially inducted into the "Crazy dog people who buy too much stuff" club. It is also known as the "I WANT THAT" club. Between dog harnesses, dog toys, dog coats and dog beds I think I have broke the bank this month.

First I need to share a new dog "store" with everyone. A great new place for dog toys and, even better, labels for our special dog harnesses! All you who bought my favorite dog harnesses last year can now get personalized labels! Check out a new UK based internet dog shop:

Dog Stoppers

They not only have handmade dog toys and great tunnel holders but you can personalize your harness like Niamh shows here.

Please let them know if you were referred by me. Maybe I can eventually get free stuff and will be able to eat next week.

As for my little darlings; I haven't decided what lables they need on their harnesses yet. Well actually I am not sure Itzy can wear a harness ever! I have now bought or borrowed hundreds (well maybe exaggerated) of harnesses for her and she refuses to wear any of them. These beautiful harnesess become Itzy Immobilizing Devices. She just cannot walk with them on. This morning I thought she might be big enough so that I could try my special pink harness on her and you can see the result....There is a reason I was able to take so many photos of her; she couldn't move with it on!

Here is Itzy in a perfect stay (induced by the immobilizing harness which is now my new invention that will make me millions. Just watch for the training DVD due out soon). Notice the new pink tuggy toy from Dog Stoppers!

Here is a small sample of Itzy's harness collection. All harnesses induced perfect stays or crazy Monty Python type walking.

Now for my little angel Zaz. Getting her to stay was much harder as she is immune to the immobilizing gene.

We tried the pig ear stay method.

Then we tried the push and take photo method. Why does Zaz always look like she has a large head?

Then I remembered I actually have been reinforcing her sitting on the balance disc. First she thought she should do "the elephant trick" on it.

Then she sat on it which caused the "big head" photo again.

Yes! The perfect cute head tilt photo.

She could lay here for ages.

I think she is tired of laying still and offers me a cute head down.

We have been busy heading into town everyday and the pups had their first puppy obedience class last night. More about that later and hopefully some video of Zaz's tricks.


Sara said...

I'm a member of that club too - I thought it was a secret club! Shhhh! If word gets out they'll have us all attending DSA (dog stuff anonymous)meetings, in an attempt to break us of our addiction.

Great photos. Zaz and Itzy are just as cute as a button.

Angela said...

Thanks Bernadette,
I've just spurted out my coffee all over the monitor screen, with laughter.
I really needed that.
Thanks xx

Dawn said...

SOOOO cute!

Paula said...

tag line for the club could be....things you don't need but really, really want :)

The girls are looking good but I think it's a bit mean making them sit on the pimply side of the cushion.

Harnesses do amazing things don't they, Tom's actually paralyzes his vocal cords meaning he doesn't bark in the car.

Helen said...

Bernadette, Can you get the Bjorken harness in the UK? The Clean Run Store has an American made version called the Comfortflex harness. The sheltie and the bc love it.

Hudsondoglets said...

Very funny post! Lovely pics and Itzy makes me laugh. Zaz's head looks perfectly fine to me! They are both very cute in their own individual ways.

Re Paul's comment ..... if only a harness would paralyse Zeki's vocal chords ... I should be so lucky!

Lian said...

Can I be the captain of the "I WANT THAT" club? hehe ...

These two girls are just too cute. I really enjoyed playing with them. I just loved the way Itzy offered me her "kick" trick! She is sooooooo cute!

I'm Helen said...

hehe Archie did the immobilised trick when he first wore a life jacket thing for swimming. He stood perfectly still in the hope that whatever had 'got him' would let go.....
I wonder if this new dog store can invent a tough ropey tug that will not be chewed through in less than 2 mins by Nellie? I can't afford to keep buying fleecys and she's destroyed two dog games fleece leads now (the third is on its way out...)

Emma said...

They are so funny and so cute, love hearing all about their antics.

My little sheltie Pebbles does exactly the same but with a dog coat - just stands stock still on the spot, not willing to move. It's the only time she ever stands still - never thought to use it as a training tool for the 'stay'!! Must be a teeny, tiny sheltie thing!