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Monday, March 05, 2007

Videos and stuff

As you will see on the last few posts, Dennis is getting good at putting videos together! There is no stopping him now. Now I just have to remember to bring my video camera everwhere!

It was so great to see Hex's video compilation. She reminds me so much of Joy, just in a black package! I really miss Joy and am grateful that I have Hex to make me smile. Whatever I ask Hex to do, she is eager to do it; what a fun dog she is. She has dabbled in breed, obedience, flyball and Heelwork to Music. But agility is our main event and she is really coming together in that. I was unsure how she would compare against some of the faster dogs in competition here; but she seems to be doing OK. On Saturday, she finished 2nd out of 115 dogs in jumping and 3rd out of 80 dogs in agility.

We had a really good day of agility at the Mid Downs competition on Saturday. It was the first real agility show of the season for us down South. Zen competed in her first KC show since having puppies. She is definitely on form and ready to run at Crufts. We are competing on Thursday in a team event and on Sunday at the Championships. I can't wait, I am so psyched! (All the Jane Savoie fans will recognize that statement, but it is really true!) Agility at Crufts this year will be bigger than ever. They have moved ALL the agility events into a larger arena that seats 6000 people. Considering how crowded it has been all the other years, I think there will be that many spectators for agility everyday. I just hope the noise level is not over the top and that Zen can hear her commands. I want to make it thru to the final on Sunday night and get a chance to have Zen on TV again. That would just be fantastic.

This will be my 6th year competing at Crufts. The first year (2002) I showed Whizz the border collie in breed. The second year (2003) I showed True the sheltie in breed. Then Pax competed in agility in 2004 and 2005. Now it is Zen who competed in agility in 2006 and this year 2007. Next year, I want to be qualified to show Hob-b in breed and Hex and Zen in agility. Goals!


karen said...


Andy & Nancy said...

Good luck and enjoy Crufts. Wish we were coming to watch.

Lian said...

The very best of luck at Crufts and we will be all cheering for you!

Lian & the boys

Sarah and Leslie said...

For dennis - fantastic video clips! Have loved watching them all!
For Bernadette and Zen - BUCKET LOADS of LUCK at CRUFTS!!!! We will be there on Thursday to see you. GO GIRL!

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

We know you can do it. Will be thinking of you loads on Thurs and cheering like mad on Sunday.