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Monday, March 26, 2007

UKA Agility weekend

Dennis and I (and all the dogs) spent the weekend camping out in the caravan at a UKA Agility show. UKA is the new "alternative" agility organization here in the UK. It was develped by Greg Derrett and his wife Laura to compete with the Kennel club agility. The KC agility is a win-only progression so the UKA is a nice change. UKA allow progression with points gained with clear rounds as well as placements.

It was fun to get the caravan out for the first time. Although it was cold (brrrr) the caravan was nice warm and toasty. Except for around 2am on Friday night when one of the propane tanks went dry. Poor Dennis had to get out of bed and go out into the cold to swap tanks while I stayed nice and warm under the duvet. What a good husband I have!

Anyway, we had an awesome weekend. (And as much as I have grown to hate the world "awesome" I can't think of another word right now!) We had 4 OBay Shelties competing this weekend. All 4 won multiple classes and all 4 made it to the Royal Canin Finals in July. Wow! With all the sadness lately it was nice to just run my dogs and enjoy the weekend.

Hex and brother Indy won just about every class they were in. Hex went for 7 clears out of 8 runs and 6 first places. She only got one 2nd place in snooker due to my not going for full points. What a star! Indy just flew around every course and I think went 7 clears out of 8 also with almost 100% first places. Nicky and Indy are just on fire!

I need Nicky to come down and teach me how she handles 3 jump pull thrus and push thrus. (three jumps in a line like a serpentine but instead pushing thru the gaps) We had 3 jump push thrus in two classes with Zen and we just can't do them properly! I wish I could post courses on the blog so I can get suggestions from people. I certainly will be setting up those sequences this week to practice on! But I have video clips of Nicky handling a three jump pull thru with Indy from last week, so I will post that this week when we get the videos sorted out.

Zen and brother Chi also won almost all their classes. Except for the one they were competing against each other in and then they went 1st and 2nd! I don't think they had as many clears as their little siblings but were pretty darn close.

We have no videos from this weekend. Dennis has been taking a course in ADOBE PHOTOSHOP and wanted to take some action shots with his camera. He got some really good photos and I will post more when he gets home from London tomorrow. For now here are some tasters...

Indy the micro sheltie says size doesn't matter!

Hex just looking too cute for words!

Zen just being Zen........

Chi being very handsome....

And finally I cannot believe they let one of those "Hoodies" into a posh agility show! We need agility ASBOs....


helenm said...

It was great to see you and all the Obays at the UKA show,even if you did rather sweep the board!I think there should be ABOS classes(Anything But an Obay Sheltie!)

Karen said...

bit of an obay take over I think. Todd sais no PRESSURE then :0)
Well done guys brilliant

Val said...

Bernadette, if you have course designer you should be able to save a course in either .gif or .jpg format then you could post a course to your blog. Val

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Go the Obay's!
I feel very proud to have an Obay Sheltie you must feel extra extra proud producing & handling such amazing little dogs.
ABOS classes!!! :)