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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy 8th Birthday Monty!

Happy 8th Birthday to

Danish Agility Champion Toven The Full Monty


Little Monty might not be known for his own performances. But he is well known for what he has produced. In limited breedings he has produced 2 agility champions and two Agility World Team members. All his puppies have an intense desire to work and an amazing drive to run fast!

Yet Monty himself has not done too badly! Monty has been shuffled around a bit. Initially owned by Toni Mapes as a potential show dog, Monty was just not "enough" for the show ring. He is a little boy under 14" at the shoulder. I had seen Monty and just fell for him and Toni let me take him home when he was just under 18 months old. I started playing around with him in agility and he took to it very nicely. Then the big move to England happened. At first I thought Toni wanted him back as she wanted to be able to use him for breeding. So I brought Monty back to her and just before leaving him, I burst into tears. I didn't want to let him go! Poor Toni, she thought I didn't want to take him to England and I thought SHE didn't want me to take him. What a lack of communication! I blame it on the stress of moving!

So that day, Monty came back home with me and began his amazing journey. I am so grateful for Monty as he produced my amazing girl Zen. I cannot imagine my life without her; she has given me so much love and so much fun.

Monty now lives in Denmark with Johanna. He is quite the international boy! In Denmark, he has two certificates towards his breed championship and has finished his Agility Championship. Even better, he is being used for breeding with some really beautiful girls. He is producing some pretty puppies that can work. We decided that Monty was better used and had more opportunities in Denmark. Although Dennis and I miss him, I have decided to stick to girls only from now on.

For the past year or so, Monty has been running agility with Johanna's friend Marianne. What started as a little fun has turned serious!!! Monty was part of the gold winning Danish teams when he competed with Marianne at the Nordic Agility Championships! At 8 years old, I think Monty as found his favorite agility partner in Marianne! They are just going from strength to strength. Go Monty, you rock little man!

Below you will see why Monty was named "The Full Monty". His favorite position is on his back with his legs spread! That's my boy!


Mary-Anne said...

Can't believe he's 8 already! I remember first meeting him when he and Bryce were just puppies.

Monty, a big Happy Birthday from your American relatives!

Karen said...

Happy birthday Monty karen and Todd

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Happy Birthday Dad!
A smashing little dog and such a gentleman