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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hex and Indy 3 jump pull-thrus at Chippenham Agility Show

I hope this works! I am trying to use You Tube to see how the videos look.

Here is a comparison of Hex and Indy doing a three jump pull thru sequence at Chippenham Agility show. I told Nicky I need work on these! She made them look easy. But even worse, at the UKA show, they had three jump PUSH THRUS which I just could NOT do. I am doubtful I can do them at all! hehe I guess I shouldn't write this as now all the judges will throw them in just for me!

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Mary-Anne said...

Ah - the THREADLE! The secret is: you need a smaller yard! If your yard is only big enough for 2-3 jumps you'll practice every possible variation of those jumps hundreds of times. Shhh - don't tell anyone :)!