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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Crufts 2007 Agility Championships

Well Crufts 2007 is over! We had a great Crufts!

Winning the medium team on Thursday was great. I do love to run at Crufts! It is a great buzz competing with all the spectators cheering.

This morning we ran the Championship Jumping. A lovely course that we should have run clear. But a handling mistake by me caused an off-course and an elimination. Bummer! But I was still proud of Zen and how she handled the course.

This afternoon was Championship Agility. (video to follow!) Zen attacked the course with her usual enthusiasm and we won the class! Her time was the second fastest time out of all height dogs and I was thrilled. Luckily this year they actually had a presentation of trophies and ribbons for the placements in the qualifiers. So Zen got to take center stage and receive a lovely crystal bowl engraved with

That's my girl!

I was disappointed not to be able to run in the finals on Sunday night but overall had a great Crufts 2007 and already looking forward to 2008!

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Mary-Anne said...

"Mama" Zen is back - Congratulations! She looks awfully cute with her crystal bowl :)!