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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's all about Zen-star: IFCS World Agility Championships

Zen, Zenny, Zenny Zenster, Zen-Star. It is all about Zen this week and Zen obviously agrees with this. LOL We are off to the IFCS World Agility Championships. This will be Zen's 5th time representing Great Britain in International competition.

Since I have been spending alot of time training the Zitzy pups these past few months; Zen training may have seemed to have been neglected. But these past two weekends have proved differently! Other than one error last weekend; Zen has run nearly 100% clear fast runs over the past two weekends of shows. At Tunbridge wells on Sunday she ran 100% clear runs and came 3rd in both the Olympia Qualifier (darn only the top two go through!) and 3rd in the Crufts Singles and both had class sizes of over 100 dogs. Both times beaten only by much bigger border collies. She cannot beat these dogs on time; it is physically impossible. But her consistancy and talent still amazes me. What a little star she is.

I have had no time to download videos from the past two weekends as we moved into the new house on Friday! All systems go as we get things ready to move the furniture in in two weeks. Meanwhile, thanks to Lian, here is a video of our Crufts Medium team running at Tunbridge wells. Zen is running last and since we already had one of our teammates eliminated I decided not to run the startline but try and get her to wait even though it was a relay. Zen knows when we are doing relays and has learned that startlines are not necessary in those classes!

We leave for the WAC 2010 tomorrow early and I am so psyched I can't wait! I just love competing at these events with all the pressure and excitement. Life is good!


Angela said...

I saw your Crufts run and wow what lovely held contacts.....Well done and have a great weekend at the IFCS

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Good luck at the IFCS! I absolutely love the first photo of Zen!!

Diana said...

good luck. I just recently noticed this. There is no gating around your rings. Interesting. Diana

Lian said...

Good Luck this weekend!

Go Zen!

Serena said...

Hahaha! great whoo-oo-oo from Zennie girl! I love both photos of her; the first one is just fantastic for that enthusiasm! And she DID IT Too! Fabulous results and great job, Zen!

Dawn said...

Wow, how fun to watch four dogs so fast one right after another! Amazing!