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Friday, May 21, 2010

What a week!

I really want to talk about our amazing time at the IFCS World Champs last weekend but I just can't do the videos right now and take the time to sort out my thoughts. Hopefully I will still remember everything in a week or so. Short story is Zen was AMAZING and came away with three medals out of the 13 medals our team won. We were in an agility bubble for 4 days and it was great.

We have gotten in to the new house and all systems are GO with painting, clearing agility paddocks, cleaning, plastering, carpeting ect ect ect! Dennis has been away for the last 4 days so it has been extra work for me. Not that I mind as I am so happy in the new house but, seriously, I am a terrible painter! I did one closet and I think I should not be allowed to hold a paint brush again. Where are you Ann Marie??? I need some closets painted! :-)

So off I go again today to the house loaded with shit in my car that I really should not move with again! The charity shops are getting lots of donations this week. Honestly it is good to move just to clear out your house and de-clutter!

Since Dennis went to the house early this morning, I got some sneaky relaxing time on the internet catching up on my favorite blogs. These "ADS" from Team Small Dog just had me on the floor this morning. Laughter is a great way to start the day! Enjoy!


sassie said...

I can't wait to hear all the details of your successes~

Diana said...

I saw those ads too. Way to funny!! Diana

Ann Marie said...

I'll paint your closets for you. It'll cost ya though...
1. Roundtrip airfare (for two of course - Norman has to come!)
2. Two days in London
3. A tour of the English countryside
4. Meals and overnight accomodations for say...ten days.

I know I'm worth it as I recently saw the closets in your old house here on Long Island. They still looked just as good as the day I painted them!

team small dog said...

Very excellent Bernadette! Congratulations on your super medal winning in Europe! Let me know if using ads on your blog makes you oodles of money, ok? So far it is not working on mine. Maybe we just have to see if they make agility more popular. Like bigger than ice dancing or that sport where burly guys attack each other in cages. That would be ok too.

Chris said...

Big congratulations to you and Zen! I was following the results all weekend online. I can't wait to see some videos. Hooray for Zen from one her biggest fans in the US, Chris and shelties, Darit and Night.