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Friday, May 07, 2010

UKA May 2010

We had a great weekend at the GT UKA this past weekend. The weather was nice for the first two days and then the rain and cold hit. Brrrrr!

I skipped quite a few agility classes with Zen and the pups once it started raining as I was not prepared to risk them on the contacts. Sadly one of the runs was Zen's Masters Agility run that took place when the rain was going sideways and there was random gusts of wind. One fall off the dogwalk was enough for me and Zen; so I pulled her from the class. I walked away from winning another £100 but that did not really bother me as my dog's welfare comes first. Little did I know that because Zen had won the Masters jumping and all the other medium dogs ended up eliminated in the agility; all I needed to do was put her over the start and finish jump in the agility section in order to win the £100. I know now for the next time but it was frustrating to hear this after the fact!

I trained the pups in their nursery class but they only got to do Nursery once over the weekend due to the rain. I do love UKA for having this class. Zaz and Itz did great contacts in this class and it is fabulous to be able to reward them in a competition environment. Thanks to Gordon for taking these photos of Itzy for me. I just laugh everytime I see the photo of Itz flying across the dogwalk with all four legs in the air!

We got some video of Itzy running but it involved me falling down at some point so I am going to skip posting that run! Instead here is a nice run of Zaz is Novice Steeplechase. What the video doesn't show (except that you can see the judge in her raincoat) was that it was raining and the running involved a few up-hill runs into the tunnel. I was really proud of both Zaz and myself for dealing with those uphill straight tunnels!


Diana said...

Very nice run!! Diana

Ann Marie said...

Trouble with those tunnels on an incline Bernadette? Hmmm...I think we're getting old! :-) In any event, that was a very nice, fast run! Your pups look fantastic.

Thankfully those of us on the other side of the pond can at least see one of your talented shelties run live and in person. Little Zinna has wowed the Novice class by finishing both her Standard and Jumpers titles in three straight shows each; bringing home five first place ribbons and one second place.

Yeah, I know, just another exceptional OBay girl!