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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Birthdays Sad and Happy

I have never been good at remembering dates of birthdays; but I had some special dogs born all within the same week in different years.

Joy was the beginning. From my very first sheltie litter she was born on 2nd May in 1992. She was so special and so much FUN. I wish I could have her all over again.

My gorgeous perfect Hex even had the most perfect birthday 05/05/05. She would have been 5 years old today. It still seems unreal that she is gone and I still have trouble looking at photos of her without crying.

But a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Zen-star. My smiling crazy girl who still takes my breath away when she runs and who has taken me all over the world. Born on the 30th of April in 2003; Zen has now turned 7 years old. Happy Birthday sweet girl.

I am blessed with having had the chance to own each one of these three special shelties. All three different in their own unique way but all three have stolen huge pieces of my heart.


Helen said...

Cherish those memories and MANY happy returns to the fabulous Zen.

Eleanor said...

You made me cry. Happy Birthday to Joy's brother, Dasher, too. I miss his solid, unflappable presence. Presto now sleeps where Dash used to, laid out flat on his side on my bed. I guess Presto knew he had to wait his turn.

Happy Birthday to Zen! It was such a treat to watch you two run at Crufts.

Lorna Goodban said...

All 3 lovely girls :) Perhaps one day you will look at photos of Hex and not feel the tears - I do hope so as I am the same with Fleet xx

Anonymous said...

Hello !

Happy Birthday to fabelous Zen !
And a loving thought to all of those May stars who passed away.



Dawn said...

They were and are beautiful girls. Such memories, sad and funny and happy, all to be cherished. Happy happy to Zen who makes your heart a bit lighter these days.