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Sunday, July 12, 2009

I've been lax

I have been lax in keeping up to date on the blog with agility results. I will blame it on the puppy; he is a time waster. Anyway this has been a good month for some of the OBay pups.

The photo above is one from last year but since I have not been at the agility shows recently this was the best I could do! Todd and Kizzy are almost the same age and both are really coming into their own this year.

Kizzy (Zen x Tazz) went into Grade 7 in style by winning those last few classes up at Lune and Barrow. Kizzy just went into Grade 6 back in March so she is moving along quickly. She just missed out on entering any championship classes this year as the shows have already closed but I am sure she will do fantastic in the champs next year. I know Andy is certainly ready to get into those champ rings next year and enjoy himself as a competitor rather than a judge! Kizzy and Andy make a great team.

Todd (Hob-b x Chi) also has gone into Grade 7 and has just qualified for the Olympia Semi-Final. Todd is just an amazing little dog. At just under 15" he competes in medium against all the larger dogs and does not look out of place with his speed and enthusiasm. Little Hob-let did good with her one puppy! I can't help wondering what she would have produced if she had been able to have anymore. Todd will be in his first championship class at the end of this month and I know he will shine.

While looking for photos of Kizzy and Todd I came across this photo take in Febuary 2007. Todd was probably about 7 weeks old and Kizzy just a few weeks older. We all met at Sue's sandschool for a sheltie puppy party. Also in this photo is the blue merle sheltie Kodak (Amanda's boy) who was about the same age. Kodak also is doing really well recently and just won a class last weekend at Bridgehouse and Surrey. Kodak is a tiny little ball of fluff with a huge attitude!

Aren't they adorable!

As for Zen and I....we leave for the European Open Agility Championships in two weeks! We have not been doing many agility shows lately for one reason or another but Zen is still in great shape. We went to an EO training session on Friday and Zen did not put a little foot wrong. She amazes me. Last weekend we did our first agility show in quite a long time and, again, Zen went 6/6 clear fast runs with perfect contacts! I was a happy bunny!

Here are some photos taken at Bridgehouse Agility show by a friend's husband. I always appreciate that because I know how hard Dennis works when taking photos and giving them to people. It takes alot of time and effort out of a already busy day!

I love how Zen smiles in the weaves.

This photo shows how she uses her tail to hold onto entries.

This is Zen's favorite pastime other than agility.

More Zen smiling!

I just liked this photo!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

They are great photos of Zen!!! I love the weaving ones and the one of her barking!

Lian said...

Fab news for both Toddster and Kizzle! I am looking forward to cheer for Todd at the Champ class!

I love the photos of Zen weaving and the one on top of the A Frame. She is one pretty girlie!

Good Luck at the EO! Go Go Zen!

Anonymous said...

We'll be attending the EO for the USA! I'm really looking forward to meeting you, so if a strange person comes up and introduces themselves as a lurker on your blog...well, just heads up. =P
Lisa and Reebok (tri from DFW Sheltie Rescue)