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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Fat Boy Neil 4 to 5 weeks

Neil's growth seems to have slowed. He is now eating his Burns puppy food and has sharp teeth! Generally he is an easy pup; cleaning and feeding one puppy is so easy. Itzy is jealous at how often he gets his Burns puppy food. He is a regular part of the pack right now and has much more access to the older dogs than a regular litter would be allowed. He plays with Itzy and Zaz and toddles around with the older dogs outside. This week he has been introduced to Murphy and Becky; two border collies that are having their holiday here with the shelties. It is good for him to be around large dogs as well as the shelties. Dennis caught him sleeping; he sleeps lying on TOP of his stuffed elephant (a gift from Aunt Sonia who was disgusted at how many PINK toys he had) This is the time for new experiences so I try and introduce him to something new everyday. It might just be a new toy or a trip into the back garden or a ride in the car to Dennis' office. Taking the pups to the office has always been a great opportunity for them to see a new place with new noises and new people. Here Neil meets a friend named Neil! Some silly videos of our little fat boy. Here he is on his first introduction to the wobble board.

I am sure you jumped at the sound of the glass breaking! But do not worry, it was that little fuzzy green and yellow toy shaped like a hammer that Neil is checking out at the end of the video clip. It sounds like glass breaking when you bang it on the ground! It is a cool toy but I won't tell you how many time Dennis and I have jumped up when we heard it after the dogs were playing with it in another room.

Neil may be a male but he can multi-task!


Diana said...

Hey, I need some of those sheltie exercisers. Diana

Serena said...

Awww, what a beautiful little viddy! I had to check back to see the latest of your wonder-tot! He is so precious! and what an amazing little pup... You've got one special, sweet and smart boy! He's like a talented Neil-ly Joel pup, (a.k.a Billy Joel), LOL!

And oh, I loooooove that photo of him looking at us, like a little prince! isn't he?

Lian said...

The one of Neil sitting on the grass is just gorgeous! I like that expression, very sweet and inocent!

Abby and Aiden said...

omg so cute!!! Wow and he can multi-task already!