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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Our lovely visitors: Murphy and Becky

We have been lucky to get Murphy and Becky for the week while Nancy and Andy are in Denmark. Nandy have gone to Denmark to compete in agility at the Jutlandia Cup. I wish I could have gone but maybe another year.

Becky and Murphy are such good house guests. I just adore having a big dog (or two) around again. I don't think I want another big dog permanently but it is a nice change. What is so lovely about Becks and Murph the smurf is that they are so gentle with the little dogs. There are not many dogs I would let run with my youngsters but Becky and Murphy are so aware of their bodies and you can see them consciously avoid the puppies no matter how fast they are going or that they are chasing the ball.

I must admit that Murphy is my favorite but Becky is very beautiful if slightly blonde! She reminds me of a larger version of Jordan.

I call the border collies my "sheltie exercisers"! Zaz and Itzy love to run and chase Murphy and Becky. 10 minutes of this and I have nice tired puppies!


Angela said...

...They look like they have always been there!

Paula said...

You're so lucky to get Becky and Murph to stay.

Will you be teaching Murphy to wait while he's staying with you? :)