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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Itzy Agility Training 12 July 2009 and so it begins

Well the pups are now 7.5 months old! I guess Itzy needs to start some agility training!

To get started both pups have now had two agility lessons with our fantastic trainer Lesley Olden. We are mostly doing short sequences with tiny jumps and tunnels. Just teaching the pups the basics.In addition at home we have started playing around with contacts (dog walk and see-saw). It is fun training both puppies as they are totally different yet both fun. What I try to do is work with one puppy for 10 minutes and then take the other pup out and do the exact same thing again for 10 minutes. It helps keep my training sessions with each pup quite short and that is good.

Anyway here is a little taster of what Itzy did today. The dog-walk plank is just up on a caravan step and we are playing around with running contacts. It is my first time trying to train running contacts on my own dog so it should be quite a journey for us. We have been running the plank for about 1 month. We started on the see-saw this week. The see-saw is propped up so that it is only tipping slightly and this is Itzy's 3rd time seeing the seesaw. I am very pleased with how she progressed already.

I will try and edit Zaz's video later this week. By the time I get all my training gear out, set up the video camera, train the both pups, watch the video, edit the video and then load to You-tube I am exhausted! HAHA! Anyhoo...Enjoy!
PS if I was more ambitious I would add music to cover up my voice but I am too lazy!


Diana said...

I can imagine you have your hands full. Its hard to believe the puppies are 7.5months old. Time flys. ( at least from this view point.) I have never seen anyone train the teeter that way. Interesting. Diana

Diana said...

Oops, one more thing. Did you every comment on what you thought about the crate games you did? I know you were starting it a while ago. I might have missed that post. Diana

Shetla said...

Just wanted to say that I like that you do not cover your voice. It's much more educational to watch when I can hear you.

Dawn said...

She's adorable, and so smart! I'm impressed she's not afraid of the teeter!

Jo said...

Didn't she do well, another little champion in the making Bernadette. Good luck.

Paula said...

Wow she's a little star already.

Christine said...

Oh well cute :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello !

Interesting to see this way of training the sew-saw.
I will keep it in mind.
Are you also at the WC in Austria ?

greetings !

Margit S.

Mary-Anne said...

Raven started with something similar her first class, BUT they had her pulling the end down and hopping on facing the OTHER way, which I didn't like b/c it made no sense to me from a shaping standpoint. However hopping on and moving into position at the end like that makes perfect sense.

Very cute!

Karen said...

wow she is looking fantastic :-0) xx