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Monday, February 16, 2009

Girl Power pups 9-11 weeks

Most of our time is being spent on socializing the pups. This is hard work and often involves walks on the beach, sitting at cafes drinking lattes and lots of window shopping. Oh yeah and some standing next to cannons.

Dennis and I took the pups this weekend down to Portsmouth and Gunwharf Quays. It is an outdoor shopping area on the waterfront. It is a brilliant place to walk the pups with loads of people, different noises, stores and cafes. I wish I had the camera when Dennis was surrounded by about 8-10 teenage girls squealing with delight over Itzy. I heard them coming and took off ahead of Dennis and he got caught in the teenage wave!

Last weekend Sonia and Bob took me and the pups down to Worthing beach. They had some good socialization and had some experience walking along a busy street. Sonia and Bob's shelties (Barney, Sam and Lucky) are great dogs to introduce to the puppies as they are so gentle.

It was hard work so we had to stop for coffee!

I have decided to go to Crufts with Zen. It was a difficult decision for me. I still am not sure I will be able to deal with being there without Hex. Hopefully running Zen will help give me back the joy of agility. We will be competing on Friday and Sunday.

Zen looks awful as she is going through the major shed that happens to bitches after the puppies. She is fit though and she has been swimming for the past two weeks in addition to her walks and some balance work. I ordered with "Fit Disc" for her and we have been practicing her "sit up beg" on it. It looks easy but for a dog like Zen who moves at 100 mph it was really hard. We are working on her changing position from a "sit beg" directly to standing on her rear legs and back to a "sit beg"; all on the Fit Disc. It hasn't been perfected yet; but I will try and get a video this weekend.

The puppies must be growing as they are outgrowing their puppy harnesses. Zaz has now passed her pink harness down to Itz. The red harness the Itz is wearing in this photo was a hand-me-down from Zinna. Considering the red harness is now too tight on Itzy; she must be bigger than "The Mouse" was at the same age.

Zas in her pink baby harness. This was the last day she could wear it and it is now a hand-me-down to Itzy.


Jo said...

Wow, they are beautiful Bernadette, they have grown so much since your last posting.

Diana said...

Im so glad you decided to go to crufts. I really hope you fine that joy again. The puppies are just to cute. Diana

Lian said...

The girls are gorgeous as ever! I am so please to hear you are going to Crufts with Zen. She is a very good agility dog and she will enjoy the run and she will make you very proud too!

Angela said...


Ricky the Sheltie said...

The girls are so cute! But we are terribly partial to tri's any way!

Dawn said...

The pups are so cute it's almost hard to look at them! :) And Zen will love to be running agility with you! She looks great on her fit thingy! It's a testament to Hex that you're going to Crufts...a way to keep her close to your heart. It's a good thing even if it is hard.

Sara Davies said...

I'm glad you've decided to take Zen to Crufts. She is obviously a dog that loves her agility and it will be great for you both to strut your stuff again. I'm there both days you are competing, so I'll try and make sure I see your runs.

Macfarlane Dogs said...

Wow....you are sure having to work hard these days ;-) Sounds like hell!! Hahaha!!

(I'm just jealous really :-))

I am so glad you have decided to go to Crufts. You will find that joy again eventually, I just know you will. x

Mary-Anne, Bryce Jayda and Raven said...

They're just beautiful :)! I see Itzy spends a lot of time in laps.

Jayda does the beg-stand-beg exercise - never tried it on one of those discs though.

Glad you're going to Crufts with Zen - I'm sure she'll enjoy getting back to her career and being the center of attention after her latest stint as a Mom!

Anonymous said...

Hello !

Nice to hear from all the little adventures the puppies go through.
And it is good to hear that you be at crufts with Zen.
It is a part of your life and you are a part of agility life too.
So I hope for some videos of your runs.


Cool Design Shelties said...

Yummy!...the pups are so cute :o)


chenn said...

socializing pups is fun work.LOL
Enjoy it

Paula said...

So glad you've decided to go to Crufts, wont be there to cheer you on as I'm there Saturday but I'm sure you'll have plenty of support.

Pups are looking great but it must be such hard work socialising and drinking coffee :)

Anonymous said...

I, and plenty others, are really enjoying these blog posts with what you are doing with Zen and Puppies. Please post more blogs of what they are all doing with some cute photos and videos :)