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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Facebook is funny

I am not sure why I am signed up on Facebook; I just accept friends (hey everyone needs more friends!) and generally ignore it. Sometimes you receive notices about things and this weekend I received a notice that I was "tagged" in a photo. Huh? I wasn't sure what that was and it is different to when we tagged bloggers last week.

It seems like someone downloads photos and if they know names of people in the photo they add the name in and the photo get "tagged" with our names. Also if someone else sees the photo and knows someone in the photo, they can add the name. If the person is on Facebook or is one of your friends,they somehow get notified about the photo. Someone downloaded photos of an old school yearbook. It was weird looking at my photo and seeing other photos and names that I didn't remember until I saw them again. Personally I found Junior High and High School a bit of a blur and I think I have erased it from my memory! Isn't that strange?

Then I saw this photo! I had forgotten all about this. I guess I was meant to be a "dog person" after all! I was 12 years old in the photo. I think I joined this "club" because I was having a tough time in the science class due to having been in catholic school for the previous 8 years. (Science and Math was not a big emphasis is my catholic grammar school.) I needed all the extra-credit points I could get by joining this "Vet-Tech club". This was our science teacher's "club" as he must have been a Belgian Sheeepdog breeder and exhibitor. The club actually did nothing except take this photo. It is amazing that years later my main university emphasis was science and math and I not only loved it; I was good at it.

Once he invited us down to a local breed show (at Hofstra University) which many years later I attended regularly! So I must have been influenced without realizing it! I remember going down to the dog show and really enjoying being around the dogs. I remember finding the teacher and being offered a can of coke and being invited into his motorhome. I remember thinking it was weird that he had this motorhome and wouldn't go into it. Now, these days I would be jealous of that motorhome! Life is certainly a circle!

Now can you find me in the photo? :-)


Johanna said...

Just right of the Belgian shepherd ? :o)

Sara Davies said...

It's scary looking at old photos - and amazing how out of date hairstyles and clothes (& glasses!) look, even over quite a short period.
I think you might be the girl just to the right of the sitting dog?

Dan and Mac and their Dawgs said...

I'm guessing you're the one between the boy in the checked shirt,and the big guy with the black furry coat.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bernadette,

Get in touch when you get a chance. I want one of your pups.

Bud Houston