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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Who got the best Christmas prezzies? ME!

Yeah after nearly 20 years of marriage Dennis finally gets it! HA! (just kidding really...) Here is a photo of my two Christmas presents.

Yes it is a NEW dog-walk and a WALL JUMP! (I already owned the perfect contact performing sheltie)

And Dennis is also fixing my collapsed tunnel. The fabric on it just fell apart; so I got a replacement chute but it is a different make and also made of plastic instead of fabric. It will be heavier for the dogs but it will last longer as I keep them outside 24/7.

And just because I know Johanna is missing her dogs while she is lazing around in Australia; here is a cute photo of Tazz curling himself into the tiniest ball on a couch pillow.


Lian said...

Wonderful pressies!! You are the luckiest woman in the world!!

I wanted a wall for a pressie after our Cearphilly trip but now I can hold on to that if you allow me to practise on that?

Sophie, Dash and Noname said...


Nanna Holt Kjær (Shetla) said...

Oh wow, you ARE lucky!
Does Dennis have any brothers? ;-)

And I love the fleece with sheep in the photo with Tazz.

Happy New Year and enjoy your new prezzies!

Mary-Anne, Bryce and Jayda said...

Very nice - what a guy :)!

(I just wish I had a yard that was BIG enough for a dogwalk.)

Is that wall jump different than a panel jump over here? Looks like there's some width at the base of it?

Skyline used to have a jump with brick wall standards like that - back in the old days when clubs built their own jumps.

Lorna said...

What lovely pressies!

Bless Tazz he is looking sweet there.

Lorna x