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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Agility and rescue

I haven't posted much lately. Mainly because there is nothing exciting going on dog-wise! I thought daily updates on "Is Hob-b pregnant?" and "Is Zen in season?" would be pretty boring for most people. On the other hand look at my neo-counter! I have people from 31 countries checking out the blog! Cool huh?

Christmas is coming and it will be low key compared to last year when we had two litters of puppies here to celebrate with. How time flies! Right now we are waiting to see if Hob-b is pregnant but it is way too early to tell. I promise I will let everyone know as soon as I do!

The good news is that it looks like Chi will be OK to compete at Olympia! He looks pretty funny as his neck is shaved but he seems fit and happy to run. Lisa is, of course, worried about him but I think Chi is telling her he wants to RUN RUN RUN! The surgeon was happy that he got all the tumour out with good margins; so now we just watch to see that nothing starts to grow back. With a little luck and help from above; Chi will be around for many more Olympias! Thank you to everyone who sent their prayers and good wishes for Chi; it meant alot.

On the other hand Zen still has NOT come into season! So much for my thinking that she wasn't going to Olympia and would be preggers by now; it seems like she has other plans and wants to defend her Olympia winner title! So fingers crossed for brother and sister team Chi and Zen to strut their stuff at Olympia 2007 on Tuesday!

We did some training yesterday at Premier where we rented their sand school along with some friends who will also be competing at Olympia. Everyone put their heads together and set up some wicked mean courses. I was running like shit! The sand was really soft and we set up BIG courses that involved lots of running. At the best of times I run like a girl and this was even worse; I was huffing and puffing! I did feel better when the two fit men in the group were having the same problem! HA! Luckily Zen and Hex saved me and they seemed to handle the courses well. So watch out for Tig, Dot, Kite, Shy, Minx, Timmy, Chi, Zen and Hex this week at Olympia! Let's hope we all have something special to celebrate!

Today I took Zen and Hex to a practice match. It was a really good opportunity to work their contacts and train. Thank to Leah for organizing the match and let me run each dog four times over the agility course! What was really good was that both girls decided they could pretend it was already Olympia and do some fantastic running contacts. Uhhhh....no girls not yet! So they start the course, hit the first A-frame and run the contact (well not really run as much as stop and self-release). I was able to stop them, pick them up and carry them out of the ring. I had to not laugh at the look on their little faces! A few minutes later we went back in the ring and started again and, luckily, they had spot-on perfect fast contacts! Hurrah! So I only had to carry them each out of one run and the other three were perfect. This bodes well for Olympia!

The practice match was in aid of a rescue organization in Wales called
so it was a bonus not only to be able to run agility but to also help out rescue. I did my part and drank quite a few mulled wines and ate lots of cake so that I could donate some extra money!
If anyone in the UK feels the need to donate some holiday money please check them out! Seriously; many people know of my love of rescue and I am so proud that the rescue group that I helped to start quite few years ago has gone from strength to strength with the labour of a terrific lady named Barbara. She has taken the rescue to new heights of excellence! If anyone ever needs a great organization to donate money to (hint hint)


Sarah and Leslie said...

Wishing you the BEST of luck on Tuesday and Thursday!!! Eeeekkk, I can't belive its here!

Hudsondoglets said...

Good luck to Zen and Chi in the medium and Hex in the small finals.


Karen said...

Very best of Luck to Zen and Hex at olympia Go Obay Go

karen xx

Nanna Holt Kjær (Shetla) said...

So glad to hear the good news about Chi.
Best of luck to all the fabulous O'Bays at Olympia!!!

Johanna said...

Good luck at Olympia - for all the Obays!!!

Which Way Now Tom Tom said...

Lovely to see the girls having fun on Sunday and Good Luck at Olympia.

What good nes that Chi is going too.