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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yoga today

We did Partridge and canoe which both were super abdominal work! Wow I know I will be sore tomorrow. We did the palm tree (wicked side stretch)and the frog pose (ouch). FOUR sun salutations and I am finally starting to remember the order of poses in that one!

Then we did something that the instructor called Pose of Tranquility...but I cannot find that one on the internet. I need to get a book and look them up. It basically was similar to a plow but you were getting your legs up higher and starting to go into a shoulder stand. Really hard! Then we ended up with two balance exercises; the fig tree and some other one I did not catch the name of.

And we ended up with some wacky abdominal "flapping" exercise. I wouldn't want anyone seeing me do that it was totally weird!

We are actually going to leave for Scotland next Thursday but AFTER my yoga class as I think it is so helpful for me. If nothing else I should be better balanced and less likely to fall down running in agility!

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Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Hum... yoga or sado masachisum (i bet i haven't spelt that right either lol!)