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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Daniel and Bailey at Supadogs

Here is a little video of 9 year old Daniel running his OBay sheltie Bailey. Daniel and Bailey did so well this week at Supadogs coming home with quite a few trophies and ribbons. This was the only run of his that I got on video so I had to share it with everyone! Aren't they a cute pair? I have been promised photos of Daniel and Bailey with their trophies and will post them as soon as I get them.

Dennis was in a rush to get ready to head back to New York tonight so there is no music on this video. You get the luxury of hearing our "yeahs" at the end of Daniels run! hehehe

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Anonymous said...

I was ring party on Daniels Gr 1 Jumping win - What a cool chap he is, and I was at the presentation - not a dry eye around - First Linda (Mum) they you and then me cos you were ... Daniael took it all in his stride. You must be very proud.
Lisa Gantly